General Director of The Sudanese Free Zones & Markets Company ( SFZ) : After the Partial lifting of American Sanction from Sudan, group of states and international companies expressed their willingness to participate in International Fair of Khartoum

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Khartoum, 20 Aug. (SUNA) The Sudanese Free Zones & Markets Company ( SFZ) is one of Support companies for economy as it keen to improve its fields of work such as rehabilitate infra structures of buildings , expanding in establishing new Free Zones and creating regional and international relations which will contribute actively in the country development. In beside, a notable Increase registered in manufacturing industries and investment projects. As well as International and specialized Fairs contributed largely in transforming experiences and Technology . besides, expanding in tourist and commercial activities. In an Interview with Sudan News Agency , General Director of ( SFZ) Yousef Karrar spoke about company's efforts to prepare suitable conditions of promoting work:- What about plan of developing and expanding in establishing new free zones? - We prepare to operate free zones in number of border states including Al-Qadarif, West Darfur , South Darfur and state of Blue Nile . As laws give permission to those bordering regions with Ethiopia, Chad, Republic of Central Africa to establish free zones in states. In Qadarif state it had been agreed to establish Free Zone in al qalabat , while working is going on for inaugurating in coming November. It was expected to agree on preparing work-plans for other states. Primary negotiations are running with North Kordfan state. In regions Red sea and Quraa region work began and some companies in industrial and commercial fields applied for new areas. But Red sea region lacks to electric energy, so it work via special stations. efforts are exerting with ministry of Electric and water sources to provide services of national electricity in the near future and due to requests of expanding areas are depend on Access of providing electricity service for North Sawakin and south Port Sudan. Efforts are being made to connect region with Free port through negotiations with Sea Ports Corporations (Sudan), what will made great change in the region because all commodities come directly from international water for the Free port without any governmental control, in addition to open doors for Locked Countries what will be a good opportunity to increase their trade and flourish the cross- trade with Sudan via Transit movement to neighboring states. Establishing this Free Port in Free Zones has good impacts in all fields of transporting, land-roads , navigation and railways. what are the efforts made to surpass impediments in Free zones? After negotiations , ministry of Investment which promised to solve all problems that related to economy, laws , funds , banks and measures of organizing commercial activities, via National Council of Free Zones. Does idea of Free Markets managed success in supporting the Sudanese Economy? Yes, Free Markets could successfully achieved that through getting hard currencies, but unfortunately the company faced some troubles in last periods, as some Centers in exhibition Halls. we work to activate work of Free zones in airports, seaports via bringing various kinds of commodities. Could you explain kinds of this commodities ? Free zone offer services for the producer, factory , exporter and the bank which provide banking services. S FZ is response on preparing good and suitable environment to The Beneficiaries to act its role in manufacturing, storing, exporting and importing goods and to put additional value to Sudanese Raw materials. Recent there is expanding in industrial and commercial fields. The company keen to facilitate all measures to Registered companies including Capital Transfer operations and not to interfere via government or any authority in his work procedures and treat him as Free Zone without any measures of tax, costumes or fees. In part of commodities , we lost number of commercial proxies but now we have proxies from new companies on high qualified commodities for international Europe and Asian companies. Besides there is efforts to gain additional proxies, particular after Lifting American sanction many American companies express readiness to cooperate in this fields. How do you deal with those institutions? S F Z has its special laws and charters that different from state's laws Also there are coordination in improving Free zones and exchange experiences and training with all counterparts companies. we have membership in Arab Union of Conferences & Exhibitions and member in International Union of Exhibitions. How Sudan deal with Zero-point agreement in Free Zones? Sudan is member in COMESA and obligated with all laws and conditions of the agreement .The company's deals are according to COMESA's law , like other companies. What is the amount of investment in Free Zones and what are the quality of it industries? Amount of investment in Free Zone is in a rapid increase after new industries entered like manufacturing industries. Besides, requests for textile industry, Paper industry, Sacks industry and Cement industry are ready to restart work again in future. What about efforts to prepare halls of the exhibitions for good service and to cope with modern technology of different kinds of exhibitions? Most of these halls were established since 1970s . Currently working are underway for rehabilitation that will within this year to complete preparation for the next session of Khartoum International Fair How do you estimates the latest session (34) for Khartoum International fair? It was successful as we expected to find more expanding in covered and open areas of exhibit. The company launched new website (( )), included all necessary information about departments of SFZ . Recent appeared culture of the International Specialized Exhibition, how is your vision to improve this kind of exhibitions in Sudan? The idea of " Made in Sudan " exhibition was very successful experiment , that was in coordinating with ministry of industry , as we plan to organize similar exhibitions abroad to display our featured products such as gum Arabic , Sesame , cotton and other kinds which could compete in neighbor states , regional area and all world. Also there are many exhibitions supported to transmit modern technology to Sudan. We expected more openness opportunities in coming period, while many companies express its willingness to participate in next exhibition of Khartoum. We target also for support of official concerning bodies to overcome all impediments , so we could increase our contribution in strengthen the national economy.