Minister of International Cooperation: The ministry achieved great success in breakthrough the economic Boycott

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Khartoum,1,10,2016(SUNA)- International Cooperation is a significant factor in field of international and expressed on Exerted efforts between world states to achieve common interests which realize international peace and security besides meet political , economic and security challenges. the Minister of International Cooperation, ambassador Iddris Sulieman, spoke in interview to Sudan News Agency on ministry's achievements during last period and its future plans. As minister Sulieman pointed to the ministry's efforts to breakthrough unilateral Economic boycott Imposed on Sudan in addition to some Related issues in fields od bilateral international relations. **First , Excellency ambassador , what about the ministry efforts to lift economic sanctions imposed on Sudan ? **It is unilateral Siege imposed by USA against Sudan since 1997 and haven't international support . we in the ministry via bilateral cooperation with states , successeded partially to outrun this siege. Many states continue in cooperating with Sudan in spite of American Sanctions, also we entered with them in common big investment projects . in addition to joint investment and commercial cooperation in different fields with friend states contributed largely in lifting the boycott via cracking this circle . Minister Sulieman went on saying " we briefed the international bodies during metings and common cooperation , on negative effects of siege in all economic and social fields that relates to Sudanese person and its badly effects on lifehood issues. United Nations and all international agencies satisfied strongly with necessity of lifting sanctions and they issued declaration ( before US decision in 12 July) calling to end the boycott because of its sever negative effects on Sudanese people and on large number of refugees whose Sudan hosting and migrant who work in the country. ** ? How is Europe Union position? **Our relations with EU excellent so it was one factors of relieving economic sanctions on Sudan . All Europe states and their ambassadors and representatives have strong voice, called that siege should end because of it worest effects that exceeded Sudan to all region. They (EU) mentioned that Sudan is secured and stabled country and contributed deeply in other neighbor countries fore that it deserve better treatment in accelerating to full lifting of boycott. ** Then, we ask on position of the Pacific, Caribbean and African, groups ? ** From beginning, all decisions issued by those groups were against economic sanctions and we depend in our defenses on these element . |The group included 70 state , representes in the national representative ( ministry of the International corporation) in all meeting, when they gather , they issued decision of refusing unilateral boycott on Sudan. ** How do you estimate strategy of future support to the ministry? ** this strategy consecrates on attracting more support to Sudan and to correspond it with our national priorities to achieve real partnerships with local and international development partners . As we aim to turn this support via one window represented in ministry of international Cooperation to achieve all Desired hopes. ** what was role of High ministerial committees during last period? ** It is an important mechanism in cooperating with other states, as its meetings conduct regularly every one or two years. All sides of cooperation in economy, agriculture, industry , health , education and other fields between Sudan and the concerned country are discussing during meetings of ministerial committee and resulted to signing agreements , protocols and Memo- understandings . Sudan get great benefits through moving in frame work of ministerial committees in international cooperation field. ** what are the main features of the ministry future plans and in which fields work will concentrate? ** The ministry's first responsibility is promoting cooperation with bilateral cooperation states . We have 51 ministerial committee. As we have cooperation relations with all UN organizations, E U and regional bodies such as IGAD. We will work to activate our relations with all concerned bodies for the benefit of Sudan and Sudanese people.