Italian Ambassador to Sudan: Italy gives to Horne of Africa and specially Sudan as a crucial pillar in Horne of Africa. - Sanctions Policy the damages are more than advantages - . Italy is good in that, we like very much the idea of vocational training - Before encouraging tourists to come, I have to be in position say (please come ,everything is easy).

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Khartoum, 22 ,19,2017-(SUNA)- Sudan and Italy has old-new relations . diplomatic representation began since Mid fifties After independy . Sudan news agency has the honor to interview for second time the Italian Ambassador to Khartoum, His Excellency Fabrizio Lobasso, who spoke about the bilateral relations between the two countries in various spheres. Thanks your Excellency ambassador, to give us chance in order to focus on relations between two countries and Italy's viewpoint to aspects of Sudanese political arena within the international scenery. ** let us to begin from the recent meeting of African Horn states in Khartoum few days ago which organized by African Union in cooperating with "IGAD" and government of Sudan….How was Italy's participation in this conference? *First of all, our participation was very important meeting with particular figures from ministry of foreign affairs, the Italian special envoy for Horn of Africa. This particular entity had been created last year in order to show the importance that Italy gives to Horne of Africa and specially Sudan as a crucial pillar in Horne of Africa. And I would like to appreciate all the conference activities because it gave us two impressions. It show the mentality of African Union and" I G A d" in the region, as the government of Sudan has pivotal important role here in Africa. Italy was there with the other countries of African Union and Arab nations. And to show the geo-politics dynamic of the region. ** could you pointes to the necessity of the conference outputs ? * The conference had shown very important issues .Horn of Africa is not any more, a concept as in Geopolitics of twenty years ago. It must be considered as enlarged, there is Djibouti, Eretria, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and South Sudan. This importance of Italy participation came because since many years Italy never stops including Sudan into the dynamic of region of Horne of Africa. So thinking today on Africa means thinking in holistic approach and this conference gave us impression that countries of these area are ready to cooperate for Africa and that there are crucial issues they have to deal with probably. * * Issues of refugees and human trafficking became complicated hot topics for many countries …are there Cooperation between Italy and Sudan in this regard? *Yes there is very cooperation and combination between our two countries in those fields. We cooperate by means of financing international organizations working in whole Africa and especially in Sudan like UNHCR or IUM that deal specifically with this kind of matters. We cooperated also directly with government of Sudan, as we signed since last year an important agreement corporation pact between two chief of Polices in two countries in order to tackle illegal migration and all problems that can be engendered by illegal migration like Organized Criminality, International Criminality, Trafficking and smuggling of people. So we are participate as Europe and as Italy and as member of international community very strongly in leading this matter. ** So, how do you see to Sudan Understandings on those topics? *after recent lifting of sanction Sudan is doing his part and is increasing its cooperation with the international community in addition showing great Will of cooperation with the international community in these matters and also Sudan is gaining day after day and month after month more credibility in order to be privileged partner for international community to guarantee stability and increase possibility in order of region of Horne of Africa. ** In the wake of revocation of economic sanctions what do you think Does it a fruitful policy? Or affect only on people rather than governments? * Italy worldwide has a doubtful approach towards the policy of sanctions because we are general or for example like the case of Sudan. when day go beyond the initial idea of economic or commercial and unilateral or bilateral sanctions , when you goes Beyond ,the damages are more than advantages . the great disadvantages of policy during last 20 years, now we can see , the political and industrial polices of Sudan is quit stalemate. There is no strong and stimulating middle that can drag Sudan towards the business development. Sudan depends too much on exports and import and unfortunately there is big deficit between two and also in this process there is always wings, few people are the winners and have own the power and the lot of people who suffer. So I think after twenty years as we repeated it in the international forum and in business occasion , I think that finally it is a good way and good happening that sanctions had been lifted and now it is the moment for Sudan to grab the challenges and start a big jump to the future. ** Italy is current chairman of Europe Union ….what are future of relations between Sudan and EU after Revocation of American Economic Sanction? * It is not exact, at this moment we are not chairman, but junior member. we are member in the security council and we are just a praisdent of G7 , but in any case relations are increasing more and more after month and I came here before about two years ago and European Union was really committed towards Sudan, but I have to say that the commitment is increased and has improved a lot. European Union as Italy, Germany, France probable just the other countries understood in order to help the Sudanese people was important to start a very crucial and friendly dialogue with Sudan, in order to help Sudan into the process of enforcement of democracy of the state of rights Human Rights protection and all the problem that the country complex have soon as ** last year you said in interview with SUNA that Economic Sanctions is great obstacle against coming the Italian companies to invest in Sudan what are features of Italian investment in our country according to your view? * We worked hard and are continue working hard with Italian enterprises in order to convince them to come to Sudan more often and in a very large scale. I would say that with the first important step the lifting of the sanction, the ground is fertile for a new season or to improve seasons of business between Italy and Sudan. we see undoubtedly signs of interest from very important are approaching more and more we are trying put them by hand and to make business opportunities here and we will exploited any occasion of meeting between Italy and Sudan or Sudan With EU to encourage Italian businessmen to improve volume of these operations * * Sudan is Agricultural country and has huge potentials from arable land and water sources…. And Italy owns modern technology of industrialization food substances … could we see common cooperation in this field? *Exactly, we are ready start in this moment I think that in last month minister of agriculture and other people went two or three time to Italy. The industrial sector is the pillar to our business relationship, so I have to say that we are push to this factor. And as I said in the Sudan we have the land, water resources and underground water resources and already Italy has the technology. So most important part for our export to Sudan are technology concerning machinery especially for agriculture. Next step should be also direct investment of Italian is the transfer of technology or knowledge is important investment more stable business alliance between Italian and Sudanese companies. We are working hard but you know, the touching was going good but next step should more committed involvement in terms of time in the long term of Italian enterprises here if we explode the occasion to make them understand to come here. **The same matter in field of leather Products industry, in Sudan we have tremendous Animal wealth …how could we utilize the Italian experience for benefits of both sides? * we are very concentrated on this because what Sudan lackes is the way of making goods from their raw materials is the manufactures . you need to know the manufactures and not to import any more from other countries the tends of products you have manufactures it is important to build the capacities of Sudanese businessmen to create the enterprises your create your own goods and own manufactures . Italy is good in that, we like very much the idea of vocational training. we cooperate already with the international organization form example like UNIDEO in terms of developing industrial and development programs and to give the Sudanese the chance to learn a profession in to work into the wood, the Steele, electricity and learning not only to export raw materials animals for example (livestock ) but also to a company transformation the animal from raw condition up to all products can be done. Nowadays, group of Sudanese are in Italy to meet with important Italian enterprises to give knowledge and to sign agreement on how to build here an industry that goes from the first step of the transformation of animal resources to process meat up to be goods for the local markets or to the international export. ** New monetary conditions in Sudan will open doors for different kinds of investments such as mining field what about cooperation between two countries in this regard? * Italy have a long term mission, in mining may be other countries does not have. Mining is also a crucial sector for us. There is cooperation in this field the more we can summon Italian enterprises to this sector. We are very interest in this. ** Are there any agreements or contracts in this part? * Not yet, we are talking about specially. There are agreements and negotiation about all area around of mining and its machineries but we will see how to develop more deep relation into the mining area. * *Tourism sector in Sudan flourished and movement of tourists will increase towards Sudan gradually…. How is role of the embassy to encourage Italian tourist to visit Sudan? * In last of June was our National Feast I said my speech for the audience you have beautiful country, the diversity is appreciated. You have every things here, but unfortunately there is no infrastructures. The more you need is the conditions of travel stay, travel permits travel from state to another and police blockages at the road. When you go from this steer and engender the tourism services, Sudan will take off toward the tourist sector. I see every week a lot initiatives you do in field of tourist, but before this, you have to create an environmental business platform, in order to invest in tourism. Italy will be ready As you know Italy is one of the important countries in term tourism .but it is difficult to come as tourist her, if it is not a niche touristic steer it is difficult to come here and not enjoy of some kinds of facilities of infra structures you need specially in the red sea or wild park or other entertainment places. Exploiting in good sense of the world. Exploiting the beauty of the culture to create a Sudanese Logo for something for example why not you build little hotels (two stars or three stars) according to Nubian style close to the sea or another part where the tourists can experience the Sudanese life. This is what tourist will love. When they come here and find some facilities to stay and enjoy with the beauty of the country. The more you go fast on this it will be better. Tourism is a big source of income and device of money for Italy. For Sudan tourism should be utmost priority. ** How could embassy encourage Italians tourists to visit Sudan? *Before encouraging tourists to come, I have to be in position say (please come ,everything is easy). For example if you want a visa for Cairo, you can get it in the airport just to pay and enter the country. You cannot do it in Port Sudan unless for some tourist agencies contractor with the government and it rarely just for Port Sudan. Give me Condition to say (Come to Sudan not only because it is secure, beautiful country, but also because it is easy to tourist in Sudan. Give me this occasion and I will move a lot of Italian tourism to come Sudan. ** In Sudan, hearing word of Italy, we think firstly on Football and Italian food, Pizza and Spaghetti… Does you taste our Sudanese traditional food? * yes it is tasteful, I gained about 10 kilo since my coming to Sudan I eat so much Pean and Tamiya. I like all Sudanese food. But let me tell you thing food and nutrition in Sudan are important issue because of Malnutrition and non- proper nutrition in Sudan .Italy is since some years ago is donors for Malnutrition in Sudan we organized a lot of activities to raise awareness of the world to fight male nutrition . Our task is to tell Sudanese people you have every things may be you need it to nourish yourself better and specially your children it is also cultural battle. For example in East of Sudan, and this has no explanation but cultural reasons, children do not eat eggs or in places around Port Sudan, they didn't eat fish. This is incredible, because those are the most important products in nourishment. So our commitment to Sudan continue using your beautiful products but with special Italian combination that can give you more nutritional approaching to children and for people and can give you wider scenario on how is possible to nourish in proper way. ** In field of humanitarian Assistance and development programs what about Italy contribution to Sudan? * it is enormous commitment from our part in the next three years we have signed contracts with international organizations for 20 million dollars specially 90 % in terms of health and Sanitation issues. Our commitment in Sudan is for humanitarian affairs from progress of the Development Corporation. we know Sudan need a lot of tens in health and sewage , agriculture and disability sectors, by means of finance some organization we finance some important projects particular in eastern Sudan Kassla , Gaderief in order to develop the capacity of the local states and to develop a real health state policy * In end of our interview, .... After about two years in Sudan … how you found the Sudanese people and what the thing attracted you in Sudan? And how do see Sudan in future? * Kindness, tenderness of the people of Sudan is the most important. I came back about month ago from a course in Poston , so I was sad in the plane because I leave that country . but after two years and half I have friends, my sadness went off fast because I have landed in Sudan , this gave me a real impression of what happened during two and half years between my family and Sudanese people . This is something rare in the world there is a characteristic you should also recognize yourself when you talk about your identity because some things you do not found in others . The Sudanese are moderate and genteel, the fact here that you include us as members of Sudan.