Spokeman of Iraq foreign ministry in a comprehensive interview with SUNA on situations in his country

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Khartoum,7, 12, 2017-(SUNA)- The rooted relations with Sudan and its continuously, Iraq giving Priority to Sudan in among of all Arab states in all fields in addition to treating Sudanese person on equal with Iraqi citizen … and other various topics included in interview with Spoke man of Iraq foreign ministry Dr Ahmad Al mahjoub during his Visit to Sudan last month. ** relations between Sudan and Iraq is deep-rooted … how do you comment? *Of course relations between our two countries is deep-rooted and active in all international organizations and Arab League in addition our relations wittnes good improvement ,particular both of us are facing challenges. We have good communication with Sudan in many agreements. As Iraq has an economic Agenda and targeted to implement them spite all suffering. **In past years , Sudan lost his relations with many Arab countries because of its support to Iraq ... Do you think this is reason to give priority relation with Sudan? Iraq in stage of openness to its Arab society and one of our priorities is relations with Sudan due it is developed and continuous in all fields. ** And what about these relation after revoking American sanctions from Sudan? * We are the first who appreciated the decision and we hope to build more new promising projects. We work on motivating economic relations more widely and to invest in Sudan while there are Iraqi capitals express attention and redness to invest in Sudan. ** Diplomatic representation in Iraqi embassy to Sudan weak as ambassador is absent since a period? * in fact, weakness of diplomatic representation was because of special conditions of Iraq in last periods in addition to lack of diplomatic staff. but soon there will be appointment for new ambassadors and ambassador for Sudan will be the first . here I want to reassure that current embassy mission in Khartoum are doing their best via great efforts and professionally to strengthen and improve relations between Sudan and Iraq. **what about Sudanese Community in Iraq and their conditions? *Sudanese people in Iraq find special treatment on equal with Iraqi people . they are peaceful persons , they were many but the number decreased due to war. They find great respect from Iraqi people. ** Excuse me, Sudan expressed appreciation to Iraq's reaction towards the Sudanese person who tortured by some aggressors infiltrators ? *actually Iraq respect Sudan and Sudanese indeed and provide them special treatment and protection . we never hear on problems made by Sudanese who live in Iraq. **Arabic countries are in crisis nowadays… what is role of Sudan and Iraq toward that? *countries that Exposed to hard situations should utilize from experience of Sudan and Iraq which faced just like that critical condition before. They need to know the social components of people and interest with spreading principals of Coexist and social Justice. ** There is some slack in exchange visits between two countries on popular and official levels … how do you comment? *visits are continuous but few because of Iraq's internal conditions. Coming period we Expected to increase the official and popular visits as we need to resume work of Airlines between to countries. **what about the scientific corporation via scholarship after improving the conditions? *scholarships were stopped because of our special conditions but there are Signed agreements will implement next coming year . **what about common ministerial committee between Sudan and Iraq? *it will organize next year after long letup due to our special conditions . during activities of the committee number of political ,economic and commercial agreements will sign to strength relations between two countries in addition Iraq aim always to follow opening policy with Sudan and consider it a gate to cross for African continent. ** what about Iraqi community in Sudan? *They are many and are living in good and normal conditions and find excellent treatment. **last years Iraq passed through difficult periods. Now there are some internal challenges does it possible to return secure and strong as it was before ?? and how is the way?? *last years, Iraq encountered (confronted) serious challenges , it may no country in world faced particular after entering Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ( Daesh) and occupied number of the stat's regions . these challenges affected largely on its economic situations at that time and weakened its capacities. Now the popular mobilizing succeeded to win in this battle and could eradicated the last official existence to Daesh and no Iraqi land occupied by them now. Another challenges come after topic of terrorism. The Arabic world was spoken on sectarian conflict in Iraq, I think that there is no need to speak on this topic because it ended for ever after Iraq could unified against Daesh and terrorism. We assure that social and humanitarian conditions in Iraq are better now and Iraqi displaced began to return home. ** Is that mean Iraq free of all challenges ? *Of "course the biggest and vital challenge we face in Iraq recent that we need to support of all Brothers in world it is " Reconstructing" all war-affected regions and they are many and big arears. We need to one billion dollars to rebuild some cities which completely destroyed by war last years. **Iraq has good relations with number states , but there is contradiction between political components …. What is your comment? *You said " contradiction" but it say " Tolerance ". Iraq announced officially that we refuse policy of " battles" and we doesn't look to any trench in the region. We have good relations with Saudi Arabia and also with Iran. We actually move toward international regional and Arabic conciliation. We safe excellent relations with USA and Russia and now we move to East and West. We doesn't want to be in only one pole , but we want to build good relation with all parties. **there are some fears secession may happen to Iraq after calls of self- determination in Kurdistan recent…. What is your comment? *there are no fears after the attempt of secession was failed and the state succeed to return its control on allover Iraqi lands. Now we are working together with Kurdistan for sake of unified Iraq . **Iraq has a conservative attitude towards Syrian issue? **es we have clear-cut attitude which doesn't call to war but to dialogues as a mechanism of solving problems . we in Iraq doesn't agree on military work in Syria or Lebanon or Yemen or any other country. We were and still refuse using Power , war and Armed actions and alternatively we encourage adopting dialogue for solving all problems.