Malaysian ambassador to Sudan: we have distinguished relations and the two countries are looking forward for more improvement -Sudan have a lot of natural resources and potential in tourism -Malaysia proponent to Islamic countries development

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Khartoum,25,12,2017(SUNA) Sudan and Malaysia have a distinguished bilateral relations on official and popular levels , as the two countries witnessed exchange the official visits from time to time between concerned bodies in political, economic and social arenas. Moreover the relationship between the two countries started Early in 1973, but it have been witnessed improvement and strengthened after PETRONAS Malaysian Oil Company came to Sudan to investment on 1997 . Sudan News agency interviewed Malaysia ambassador to Sudan Mustafa Haj Mansour on progress of relations between two countries and methods of strengthen them in future: * Thanks, His Excellency ambassador, to give us this opportunity for Sudanese people and SUNA readers in particular to highlight on aspects of developing bilateral relations between Sudan and Malaysia ** in Beginning, Sudanese Malaysian relations witnessed remarkable Develop in last decade, but happened kind of stagnancy or inactivity in latest years, does you agree with me , and what are the reasons? * First of all , I would like to thank SUNA for this opportunity to view my ideas on bilateral relations between Malaysia and Sudan. On this question , I would like to say it is not entirely true because there is people to people contact at the most level there are Sudanese go to Malaysia for studying and there are also Malaysian students in Sudan now . in other areas for example there is exchange people in education field. there was also Malaysian ministers visited Sudan last year. Also there was not high level contact , but both leaders take opportunity on the side line of high level international forums to meet and exchange ideas and I think those are good signs for our countries. ** Malaysia achieved great progress, What make it one of Asian Tigers States …How could Sudan learn and get benefits from Malaysian experience? * This is good question, As you know, our developing road has been long . Malaysia like Sudan , many years age we were also agricultural country we have rubber in the band , but what happened to us when we need to do something we went out to see out what developed country in band such as for good example Japan or Korea are doing . so what we do , we have look this policy from the look this policy , we try to emulate , we try to copy the other development and in a way we ask their help what we are trying to do at that time is to be bench mark, to copy the best at the band . at the present moment, I am happy, to see that Sudan is sending their people to Malaysia in a way to copy , to see our development , and also a number of Malaysian high level intellectual are coming to Sudan for this exchange of ideas ** How is the economic cooperation between our two countries and what are methods of utilizing from that, particular Sudan is a Developing country? * As I said just now , we are also started from agricultural country same as Sudan. A lot of things which I see that Sudan is progressing , for example the Sudanese who come to Malaysia to emulate what Malaysian are doing . I have seen also number of Malaysian experts trying to give training or develop training of Sudanese to establish other companies like GIAD, what they are doing now is something very good . ** Sudan Benefited from Malaysian Experience in exploring oil via PETRONAS Company….. now, in Latest years appeared huge quantities of minerals , the most important is gold…. Does there are Malaysian companies work in this field? * yes you have a lot of potentials of gold . I have telling and encourage our private sector to come here because other countries has been here. I think it is not late , On least I can say that There are two companies express interest. One was already came and was in Khartoum and the second one will be here in next year . ** Investment opportunities changed for more flexibility in Sudan after revoking the unilateral economic sanctions which USA imposed on Sudan…. How are the embassy efforts to encourage Malaysian investors coming to Sudan? * I want to express my happiness that sanctions was lifted, congratulations for Sudanese and congratulations for leaders of Sudan. a lot of things has been pending because of the sanctions , specially Malaysian Banks. They are afraid to come to Sudan because of these sanctions and even until now one of our banks may come here next year to have corporation with Sudan in banking matters . this is important , I am sure that once the banks is confident in t Sudan , the banks will come to Sudan. ** excuse me , ,Does that means, there is still problem in monetary process because of sanctions? * in a way , yes , because you know that some banks in Malaysia still afraid to come to Sudan or still not confident . I think the bank of Sudan need to do something extra , on my part I already inform them , but still your banks must do more. On part of PETRONAS, our Exim bank is already in Sudan , they have contributed in (Manara Water Project) I was informed that Exim bank would like to come here and have some sort of cooperation with the Bank of Khartoum. And once the bank is here , I am sure the other private sector will come . * Concerning cultural and scientific cooperation, great efforts were accomplished ….. Do You satisfied on level of relations between two countries …? **In part of culture , I think we lag on behind in terms of dance not like some other countries which send their culture troupes to Sudan but in part of scientific corporation , there is a lot of Sudanese proudly they have studied in Malaysia and I think in a way we contributed in the scientific or in other ways in the development of Sudan. We also provide number of technical programs courses every year . For example this year we had given about 11 scholarship for Sudanese in short courses . As there is Malaysian cooperation via GAID , they work out with the government of Sudan to develop the recent industry here by providing curriculums and technic hens for the universities in Sudan and I think this the way to cooperate in field of scientific cooperation. ** In field of health, many Sudanese cadres got their high studies or training courses in Malaysian Universities Are there signed Protocol in these regard? *Yes there is, their is major umbrella agreement was signed as well as various agreements were signed between universities in Malaysia and in Sudan. also I would like to welcome Sudanese to come to Malaysia for medical reasons( medicine treatment ) due we have a capabilities in terms of modern facilities, modern medicine cadres who trained according to high level techniques , in terms of food and caring as Islamic nations. ** Also in part of communication and modern technology , we know that Malaysia is and continue in achieving how could Sudan utilize from Malaysian experience in those fields? o This is very good question , in term of technical corporation , yes in a way we are quit developed we want to improve on these , we realized that for country to develop technical , vocational training and education is very ,very important. As I try to develop this in Sudan. As in Malaysia we have a lot of centres . those type of education is necessary for students who failed or couldn't passed to Academic education . and the Need are to the both kinds of education. You know some countries for example Germany , they have developed their country via both education and vocational training ** Internally, the country witnessed wide political movement after President Initiative of National Dialogue that ended with forming the current National Government … in your opinion how could we utilize from " Malaysian Wisdom" to achieve peace and coexistence between all parties due similarity of ethnic diversity in Malaysian and Sudanese societies? * This is very good question also, No two cakes look the same , No two mangos look the same, you want to emulate our experience , but as I said no two mangos look the same .what Sudan is doing in this part ,I think is very good , the political development are suitable to Sudan's conditions. Malaysian's conditions may be different , we have three major groups as we took more than sixty years to be able to form what we had now and still looking. What the president of this country has been doing, I appreciated and I would like to salute because . In a way you are working to bring all the outside parties to inside .And this what we did. The government of Malaysia is now is comprise of collection of many parties . each party post in the government , the Chinese, the Indianans and any other groups , they all have positions in the government , you want them to fell responsible to develop of the country and that was also what Sudan is doing now. **Internationally, how could we create an international Islamic Union for all Islamic countries , so we could achieve development and welfare for Muslim nations ? * Malaysia has been proponent of Islamic countries development . As you know our involvement in Organization of Islamic cooperation (OIC) was great . we was the first one who became the second junior of OIC and because of our Muslim yes what we has been done now is greatly. OIS umbrella is good . Sudan may be want to get some institute from OIC to be establish in Sudan at least you fell as a part of OIC. There are institute in some countries , in a way that country feel in touch to Islam , to the international world . both Malaysia and Sudan could play an important role in this . Until now , Malaysia is local , yes we have some issue in middle east , but Malaysian want to go even far but we do support the international issues back home in our own way , we provide them what ever assistant we can from far. And like in Sudan , you are much nearer , you fell more the heat than in Malaysia and I fell that both of us are progressing very well , Malaysia in our part and Sudan in your part. Both of us is working towards achievement solidarity and cooperation of Muslim countries. ** Popular Diplomacy open the doors for officials in governments , what about Malaysian Community in Sudan? * we have small community in Sudan, most of them are students for studying Arabic language and Islamic religion sciences and we have small community from Petronas but in Sudan , I see them try to interact peacefully with the Sudanese community and they cause no problems and the same Sudanese community in Malaysia live serenely . in addition many cases of marriage were happened between some of them , and I think this will strengthen people to people contact ** Are it was successful marriage? *yes of course , and they have wonderful children , who are mixed between Malaysia and Sudanese genetics **your excellency did you visited another states of historical places outside the capital? *I am very happy to say that visited nearly all historical places in Sudan. I visited Nagga and Muswarat , I visite Marrawe two times. I believe , you need to develop more because not more people know this historical sites . for me , I would like to go out gate of Khartoum. I went to state of Kassla in one-day visit and I want to stay more. I visited also Niala which have many potentials . I was surprised when I saw horses there because I think that there is no horses in Sudan. ** This lead us to speak about Tourism in Sudan , how could we improve those various potentials to develop this important sector? *yes you have a lot of potentials in field of tourism , but one things that should happened is supporting Tourism industry such as building hotels , open centres for selling souvenirs . Sometimes I go to Um duerman Market , there is some shops of selling leather products and wood souvenirs but not more. Also I visited Port Sudan recent, I would like to appreciate the governmental efforts for building big Bazar that will offered opportunities for local people to sell their cultural local products for tourists to see things like that . besides I participated in the behalf of my country in the cultural Islamic Cultural event in Sanar city, I saw Sanar of drums , I have two drums in my house, but I did not know the story of the drums . when I went to Sanar , I found that it is from Sanar tribe, which this item could develop. You the Japanese has their own drums and also the Chinese have their own drums and they marketing it as tourist item . you in Sudan could create of Sudanese drums , consist for example from about 12 men and sed them to Malaysia and other different countries to show their heritage and also you have the culture of ( alsuwt ) the whip in Kassla , you need to train some people how to show that this our culture to alsuwt playing and not to fighting. ** After about three years in Sudan, how did you found the Sudanese society? And what attracted you more in Sudanese personality ? * Before Sudan , I had been in four countries . and in my first year to come in Sudan , I have encouraged to see that peace in Sudan because what ever we heard about Sudan before is not true. Yes you may have some trouble in traffic , but people smile always in middle of the road , they just smile to you what it difficult to find in other countries . when they stay in group , they said welcome , come to me ( in Arabic fadal). This is good sign , you are very friendly , may be because of Islam , may be because of your own culture