Human trafficking …… A process of exploiting people

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Khartoum,11,4,2018(SUNA)- Deputy chairman of National Committee of Combating Human Trafficking (NCCT) Ismael Tiraap said" Human Trafficking is process of misusing the Human in Forced Labors without salary in addition to abuse smal ladies to work in Prostitution and children in activities of begging or force them to recruit in the Armed Forces or Theft of organs of the human bodies among organized crime happen via connected circles in number of countries where in begin in a country and end in a another country **What means " Human Trafficking and how the process happen? *It is a process of ill-treating human being in Compulsory works without any pay in different types such as Human Trafficking is a process of misusing the Human being in Forced Labors without salary in addition to obligate small ladies to practice Prostitution and children in activities of begging and enforce them to recruit with Armed Forces or Theft of organs of the human bodies. United Nation established an office concerned with crime and Drugs. Sudan signed on numbers of Protocols, that called to combat Human Trafficking as crime against Humanitarian. ** When Sudan began dealing with this file ? * The first law of combating Human Trafficking was issued in Sudan 2014 and according to that the National Committee of Combating Human Trafficking was consisted , including most concerned bodies in the state . ** What is the principal pillars of combating Human trafficking? *There are four main pillars necessary for this process. And all Signed countries approved on it, the first one is how to prevent this crime to happen . ** what about reasons that enforce those people to fall in hand of these bands and to mistreating them. *One of many conditions lead those miserable people to fall in grip of these criminal bands is Poverty and conflicts in addition to instability in poor countries what compele most youth to Illegal migration. Then during their unlawful traveling via countries , they fall in hands of these criminal bands. Statistics indicated that 70% of illegal migrants became victims to groups of Human Trafficking, Accordingly when we want to discuss this topic , we should tackle also issue of Illegal Migration because those sectors considers weak samples who could fall easily. **what is the deference between combating Human Trafficking and Human Smuggling? * There is big difference between both topics. Human Smuggling is arrangement to facilitate entrance of some persons from a country to another through contract relation between the smuggler and the person who want to enter this country without permission or legal documents. But Human Trafficking is a relation between the band member and those who has been exploited. It is a continuous relation such as to forced persons working in a farm for unlimited period and without any reward or stealing theirbody organs . Also some bands obligate small ladies to work in Prostitution , here the law act hard punishment to exploiter for these crimes against humanity. ** in these regard how are the efforts of the National Committee to combat Human Trafficking ? *The Committee adopted some main principals to combat Human Trafficking include , first frame is preventing the main reasons that lead people to find themselves in gripe of these bands . efforts here are organizing awareness campaigns to enlighten people and specially youth with risks of Illegal migration and encourage the governments of states to combat poverty what will be a barrier to protect them before falling in trap of illegal activities. Seconds , we aim to enlighten and schooling Employees of Police , Judgers , lawyers and worker who concerned in fields of social work in addition to national organizations and Non governmental societies the danger of these crime and to participate in warning people in weak societies specially in the conflicts areas . **Does there are coordination between the National Committee and the Internal Community in field of combating Human Trafficking ? *yes " NCCT" formed number of partnerships with the concerned bodies special agencies and organizations of U N . All courses or Seminars that organized by NCCT had been supported by UN organizations , particular International Office of Migration (IMO) and The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and Europe Union. **what is the relation or the common factor between Human Trafficking, Terrorism, drugs and Illegal Migration? *The common element is , all of these activities is frame of " the organized Crime . Only one person will never success to committee these crimes but there are connected circles inside the country or crossing many states. Human trafficking crimes give high rate of income and registered in the third stage for those who committed this terrible crimes. Smuggling people is the first step in these process as when they enter the country via illegal documents, they became weak and also easy to be abuse . Fore that we cannot separate between human trafficking and Smuggling People. So the solution to both topics is criss- cross. In Sudan we didn't signed on the Protocol of Migrations Smuggling but laws and charters will issue soon within the coming month to judge the convicted , who treat now according to Passports & Immigration law which considered administrative but not criminal law. ** What about NCCT 's efforts to eliminate and control these crimes? *We work an move in frame of preventing and protecting this types of crimes . there are specialized Authorities to impose laws in Police, Armed Forces and Borders Guards , in spite it is so difficult due to Badlands of areas. **Could you point to some challenges face work in this field? * Here, I point to some behavior related to Sudanese, " Accepting the stranger" it is a social tradition, we doesn't refuse or mistreat any stranger come to our country. So the foreigner doesn't find any problem to live and integrate with the society while you see demonstration and popular refusal to foreigners in some countries . In addition we are in need to improve and modernize our work methods besides the required capacities to control our borders and the Foreigner Exist that consider security and social threat. **Last message to Concerned Bodies and Sudanese People? *we need to remember that statistics assured that majority of Human trafficking bands' victims are the Youth. It is so important to alert our youth( boys and girls) with risks of falling in hands of the criminal bands of Human Trafficking .