Chairman of Darfur Peace Office : The Mechanisms Resulted from Doha document will continue for implementation of agreements.

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Khartoum, 16,5,2018,(SUNA) Berlin's Consultations between the government and Armed groups did not failed but stalled, Chairman of Darfur Peace Office and supervisor on Commissionaires Majedd Kalfallah said . in interview with Sudan News Agency , asserting that The Mechanisms Resulted from Doha document will continue for implementation of agreements. In addition highlighting on number of related issues to Darfur Peace Office:- ** Some opinions said " Berlin meetings were failed " tell us, about the consultation meetings which had been organized between government and Armed groups recent in German capital Berlin? * It was Consultations and not negotiations, also there is no failure but stalling . for Correcting the conception of transforming negotiations from the Sponsor state to another country. It became roam of negotiation with the Armed Groups in among of some Europe states . But the main place for negotiations is Qatar as representative to Arab League, the Joint Broker of African Union and UN , as the first response on this process. Berlin Consultations was an initiative from some German institutions , under auspice of German ministry of foreign affaires and participation of Peace Partners such as Germany, Sweden, Noriega , USA and UK The Consultations were to create the convergence of views and deliberation on negotiations in Doha at next period . Two sessions were made with the mediation and there were meetings with German foreign affaires ministry . the Institutions submitted two papers according to comment by the government and Armed Groups and stalled because the groups considered that after approval on negotiation's agenda ,agreement implementing should be via new mechanism while the government that because it is not reasonable to think on mechanism of implementing before set or agree on negotiation's agenda. They seek to find new mechanisms to carry on the agreement to the coming accord , but the government refused if . As long as Doha is the place of negotiation and the document of Doha was approved from all Groups , stakeholders , people of Darfur and the international community to be the Base. Agreement will conclude with the groups that will come later on in form of protocol either security protocol in shape of security preparations or political Protocol Regards to the group. The mechanisms of Doha Document will continue to accomplish this agreement in frame of the groups which signed on Doha Document. ** Does there are feasibility to continuation UNAMID existence in Sudan ,particular after the statement issued by UN Concerning the Gradual Exit to UNAMID…. And How do you estimate security situations in Darfur? *According to statements issued in media by UN and many international bodies , all of us know Improving of situation in Darfur ,so there is no need for UNAMID ,because their mission is protecting people from the Armed Groups. In addition the real Exist of UNAMID couldn't continue specially after spreading of development projects, process of peace and disarming campaign in Darfur what contributed actively and positively in creating stability in regions of Darfur and led to reduce numbers of UNAMID troops and in next year stability will prevail all the region and no need for UNAMID . **The campaign of collecting arms …how l contributed in process of stability of security in Darfur in addition to topic of Volunteer Return of displaced and Refugees to their villages? * The Success of achieving stability in Darfur 50% of it returnes for campaign of collecting arms and the rest of 50% retunes to development projects, that accomplish via Darfur commissionaires in coordinating with the states governments and then the contribution and participations of donors in building and rehabilitation of Services Institutions in general. Besides to implement Early -Recover Projects for displaced and Refugees and facilitate trips of return to their villages. Those projects make the return so automatic and contributed actively in spreading peace . strategy of Developing Darfur which had been announced in Qatar 2013 will complete in next year 2019. ** To what extend government and the donors met their commitment towards these Strategy which was announced in 2013 in Qatar state? *The main funding sources which were approved via strategy of developing Darfur were the government, Qatar state, and the donors. The strategy adopted 1071 project. As the total cost within six years 2013-2019 amounted of 7,2 billion . the government commit in the agreement with 2,6 billion $ and the donors with 4,2 billion $. The accomplished projects are 572 from the total number and the rest projects will finish am end of 2019. **What about achievements of the six commissionaries during the last period? *First of all , to undertake any work, some standards and bases were made to define locations of services that should implement via the commissionaires. Some of these standards Restoration of Security, Stability and the population density in the Selected area. Then the level of avialable services in the region comparing with project. Besides evaluate the rate affecting with issues of displacing and refugee and the Volunteer return. As I said before, 572 project had been accomplished in addition to others projects were carried out via UN Development program(UNDP) . One of our main goals , Building the Individual Capacities, Projects of Social Services Rehabilitation. Analyzing inn principal fields ( Early Recovering Projects) , all basic Services and planning officially for the campsite . Most accomplished projects included projects of Volunteer Return , The Sustainable map of Lands , and after that committees of Reconciliation and security arrangements and remobilizing the troops to reintegrate them in the Armed Forces > Also Projects were specified to achieve security in Paths of herders and regions of their Existence, so the six commissionaires had bigger luck to get finance for these projects. **How do you estimate, decision of improvement of security sitatuition in Darfur , had been issued via UN ? o It is a positive element indicated Recognition of others that there are stability in Darfur and endorse also that there are real development projects. The decision denotes to success of disarming campaigns and the little exist to few Rebel groups in some areas at Jabal Marah, what facilitate operations of accomplishing these projects in cooperating with Darfur states and in frame of the commissionaires which approved by Executive mechanism of Doha Document and then the balance development Supervised via the Central government, as well as the governments of the states had effective role in process of the regions stability. **What are challenges face commissionaires in work field? *coordinating between institutions that work in same field , is the biggest challenge. There are many institutions and organizations, Zakat Chamber work in frame of Humanitarian work , Humanitarian Aid Commission work in the same field of Commission of Refuges .Those challenges imperative official and concerned bodies to direct and continue coordination in a way to avoid repletion in accomplishing the projects and waste of resources. **Qatar commit to build model villages in the second stage … what about this projects? *Yes, Qatar committed to build 70 village . in the first stage 5 had been built. Now in the second stage 10 village will build via Qatari organizations such as Charity Organization of Qatar and Qatari Red Crescent in cooperating with UNDP. The total are 44 million $. Soon, a Groundbreaking celebration will be for beginning the project via Qatari officials and Darfur Peace Office.