Preparations to the process of test-run the White Nile Sugar Factory

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Khartoum-26-2-2012-(SUNA )- Preparations of the test-run processes are carrying out in the White Nile Sugar factory , that will open officially soon by the Republic President Omar Al- Bashier the production estimates of 150.000 ton in the first stage and will increase to 250.000 in the next year. The total capacity of the factory are 450.000 ton after increasing the currently- cultivated areas of Sugar Cane from 35.000 feden to 165.000 feden , according to the statements of the managing director of Kenana Sugar Company, Mohammad Al- marde al-tiejanee , after meeting of the company board directors at the company headquarter in the state of White Nile. Kenanan board directors headed by Al-zuber Ahmad Al- hassan had reviewed on the current preparations to launch the Work in the project of Al- redes sugar at the state of White Nile after accomplishing the engineering designs, in which contribute Kenanan in rate of 51% and the Chinese company of 49% . The project produce half million ton of Sugar annually after finishing the plan and all engineering designs, declared Mr. Al- Mardee and went on saying , according to the plan work began in Al-ramash Sugar project in Sinnar state to produce 150 .000 ton of Sugar, while began the actual steps to establish the test farm of sugar in Al- Sukee locality and expected to begin production in 2012-2014. More than the meeting had assured on the marketing plan to attract funds to the agricultural investment crops fund in a capital of one billion US dollar between Kenanan Egyptian Belton Group. The plan aim to attract the investors through concentrating on the Kenana shareholders as Saudi Arabia , Kuwait and the agencies Addition the plan will directs to invest in fields of agriculture, the animal production in Sudan due to its suitable environment compared to the decline of the fertile agricultural lands in world and shrink the clean water to use in agriculture for achieving the food security in the Arab- world. The Managing director of Kenana, informed that the new adopted projects are to establish a sugar company in Mauritania through utilizing from Kenana's cumulative experience to prepare the survey study and transfer the technology and experiences in field of sugar industry. Besides he pointed to the project as amotivate factor to attract the investors due to the technical and executive experiences of the company (Kenana) in field of sugar industry and its associated industries as producing the Ethanol, electric power, fodders, dairies, and meats and remarked to the continuous efforts to produce 43 million Lit of Ethanol addition to produce the manufactured fodders and dairies , that evaluated with 793 .000 ton , as the work to produce meatsis going according to the adopted plan executive , while 252.000 ton of chicken meats had been produced. On conclusion, the meeting recommended the general assembly according to the company system to distribute the benefits in a amount of 25 million US dollars to the shareholders to the last season. BF