Memorandum to Activate Border Trade in Al- Geneina Signed

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Al- Geneina, Feb. 12 (SUNA) - Assistant of the President of the Republic, Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, Tuesday signed in the context of his visit to West Darfur State a memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the State of West Darfur to tighten coordination between the federal and states authorities to reactivate the border trade in framework of implementation of the state directives to give due concern to people’s livelihood and economic and border trade development.


Dr. Abul-Bashir Abdul-Rahman Yousif, the State Minister at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, has signed for the ministry’s party, while the governor of West Darfur, Husein Yassin Hamad has signed for the state.

The memorandum has included the qualification of cadre, the activation of role of the cooperative societies and the border trade, the opening of four customs points, some of them are newly opened, the implementation of the electronic payment system through a unified window, in addition to reactivating of role of the Sudanese Organization for Standards and Metrology to ensure the safety of goods and to reactivate the role of cooperative societies and state participation in international and internal exhibitions to promote for the states’ products.

The memorandum of understanding was signed in response to the directives of the Presidency and the Federal Council of Ministers, for focusing on expenses rationalization, and that the states depend on their own resources with the preferential advantage of each state, and the benefiting from the border trade with the neighboring countries.

Meanwhile, the memorandum of understanding comes in context of the state’s program for the treatment of the peoples’ livelihood, and the economic crisis in general and in the state of West Darfur in particular.

The two sides have agreed on the deep understanding of the economic conditions, the exploitation of the available resources to reduce effects of economic conditions with the assistance of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The state should adjust the national laws and legislations related to the commercial business with the state legislations, such as the Competition Monopoly Prevention Act, the Consumer Protection Act, and the Lending Act..

Minister of State for Justice , Dr. Mahmoud Dogduk, Minister of State at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Dr. Abu Al-Bashar Abdul Rahman Yousif had held two separate meetings with the Union of Businessmen, Cooperative Societies, the Federation of Agricultural and Animal Production, some of the Civil Society Organizations, and the Directors of Banks and the financing institutions in the state, during which they discussed the Act for the Organization of the Agricultural and Animal Production, the laws on border trade and the possibility of the union of businessmen to benefit from the signed memorandum of understanding in order to work on the implementation of the standards of international trade, the border and electronic trade and the activation of the movement of exports and imports within the state from the free zone to be established in al Geneina and the customs stations without reliance on federal ratification and procedures.
The State Minister of Justice has promised to provide additional legal advisers and the opening of an office for the registrar of employers' associations in the state.
The state has witnessed in the past days official meetings with the private sector held by the Registrar General of the Organizations of Agricultural and Animal Production officials, and the Chief Adviser, Al-Fatih Bashir Al-Wasila, to prepare for the signing of the memorandum and to shed light on the amendments in the law, as well as inspecting the progress of registration associations in West Darfur state.