Minister of Minerals: The development and organization of traditional mining is one of his ministry's most important challenges

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Khartoum, Feb. 18 (SUNA) - The Minister of Minerals Prof. Hashem Ali Salem has stressed that the most important challenges facing the ministry were the traditional mining which is spread in most states. He pointed out that his ministry has exerted considerable efforts to organize and develop this important sector, where the strategy of this development is based on the transformation of conventional mining into structured mining through well-detailed plans. Speaking at the Opening Session of the First Meeting of the Gold Companies organized by the Sudanese Company for Mineral Resources on Sunday, the minister pointed out to the ministry's efforts to take full notice of the activity and put it in the organized scientific framework that avoids collapses and loss of the geological features of our lands and good use of the resources. Professor Salem praised the efforts of the small mining department at the company, explaining that it was able to enumerate companies operating in small mining, which are estimated at 179 companies working in the field of gold, chrome, gypsum and iron as well as manganese, copper, talc, feldspar and kaolin, which include 48 companies working in the field of gold of which 5 producers and the rest in the stage of exploration and development. Hashem pointed out that the ministry was the spearhead of economic growth, especially the state is now going to reform the economy and solve the living hardship experienced by the country, which requires redoubling efforts by the Sudanese Company for Mineral Resources through the Small Mining Department such as the tight control and overcome of all difficulties for companies. BH/BH