Elbow Valley … opportunities to combat environment disturbances

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Khartoum-11-3-2019 (SUNA)Sudan witnessed efforts to accomplish a lot of water harvesting projects in different of  states to balance the environmental disturbances and to utilize from large amounts of water in Atom and winter via storing to shortage periods in Areas of need.

Water Harvesting is a process of storinga  the water that running on surface after rain falls to utilize it in agriculture  and  grazing  besides other daily life activities

More than, these projects support the economic goals as intensive and  vary and increase of production in traditional agricultural areas, beside   developing  forestry and animal wealth.  in addition to achieve social aims in promote rural regions and create additional of work opportunities for people stability through improve their living standards. 

Elbow Valley project  in state of north Dar four  at Al-fasher locality   target to a comprehensive, sustainable administration  to the resources  and supporting peace and stability in Dar four.

 The project of Elbow  Valley aim to develop Livelihoods via water Harvesting and the best utilizing for the natural resources in Elbow Valley basin, develop local societies, use modern technology in fields of agriculture to avoid struggle on natural resources what reduce displacement that result from losing or drawback of livelihoods.

The project  include building  of Excavations and dams  for water   in number  regions in area of 100 .000 Km in the valley what support to stabilize  80.000 family  via combating the environmental disturbances that appeared in indexes of rainfall levels during the last ten years.

Representative  of Europe Union Magda Faruk reviewed  in  meeting with  UN in charge of  environment Dr. Tilara  Clares  and Visited Representative  at  National  Council of  Environment, details of finishing the first stage in the project that costed 7 million Euro via Europe Union and  enlightened  with UN environment program( its goals & out-puts ), beside the geographical region of the project , mechanism of follow-up . After meeting,  three committees had been consisted  to  supervise and manage the project, included advisory committee, technical commit and th forum organizing committee.

 The final estimation  issued by advisors from Europe Union explained  that Achievements of the first stage increased  standards of  useful instructions  from the government to local societies, while 18% received training courses on modern technology  in addition to decline  rates of using wood and coal for energy.

Besides 12700 acres were  irrigated by water facialities  in the project  what resulted to  bring benefits for 5250 families who  achieved large increase in their productions, accordingly protocol of water Harvesting was planed  to organize these process in the project. 

Second stage will begin next period in cost of 10 million Euro, as the first stage will adopt as model to follow in  second stage. Then this experience will  circulate to all states as example to comprehensive administration for the natural resources.

Representative of EU Magda Farooq said that some negatives happened in first stage, such as the need to more  social representation, clear strategy   and decline  of rains  rates leaded to reduce levels of water quantities in the project region .