Ministers and State Ministers of Government of Qualified Presons Sworn-in

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 Khartoum, Mar.14(SUNA)-Ministers and ministers of state who were appointed yesterday  by republican decrees  were  sworn-in at the Republican Palace Thursday  before President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir  in the presence  of the First Vice-President of the Republic, Lt. Ge. Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Auf, Chief Justice,  Abdul-Majid Idris  and the National Prime Minister , Dr Mohamed Tahir Aila.


 President Al-Bashir expressed  while he was  addressing  the ministers ,  confidence  in their ability  to the country in this stage , which he described it as  exclusive .


 He indicated  that  solutions  to  current  economic challenges are possible  and attainable  and required from ministers of economic sector  more efforts and perseverance for  optimum use of the country’s rich resources.


 The President said  that maintaining peace and silencing guns represent a top  priority of the  state amid  genuine desire from all parties for realizing peace.


 He added that he would  contact  forces  opposing dialogue  for sake of  political stability.


 President Al-Bashir stated that international climate has become supportive to peace , particularly that Sudan  was one of pioneering countries  in boosting stability  via its initiatives  on peace and reconciliation  in the neighboring countries.


 He said that the work  requires  solidarity and  concerted efforts  as well as  tightening  coordination  between ministries  and institutions , stressing that the minister s will find support and back  from Presidency of the Republic and Council of Ministers  to carry out their task. The President asserted  importance of  review of  regulations and laws of  civil service  regulations and laws , as  civil service is  the base for sound planning  which to renaissance of the state.


 He called for necessity of reconsidering  formation, powers and acts  of     government corporations  for consolidation of  the state’s  institutional reform.


 Minister of Irrigation  and Electricity, Dr Osman Al-Toam expressed  on behalf the ministers  appreciation  to President of the Republic for his confidence in them and that  the ministers would exert every possible efforts  to fully carry out  their task  to attain the aspired goals.