Expatriates’ Organ Discusses Immigration from Security Prospective

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  Khartoum, Mar. 27 (SUNA) The Secretary General of the Sudanese Expatriates Organ, Ambassador Isam-Eddin Awad Mutwali, has asserted the organ keenness and concern with the immigration and its positive and negative implications on the communities, particularly the illegal immigrations.

During his address, Wednesday, the workshop of the immigration from a security prospective, organized by the Sudan Centre for Immigration and Development Studies, in frame of the monthly third emigrational forum, Mutwali noted that the immigration is a right for all, pointed to its factors, adding that the Sudan represents an important axe in the issue of immigration. He said that the Sudan receives numbers of immigrants and works for the prevention of illegal immigration, which has great effects on the communities.

He indicated the great and tangled relations between the issue of immigration and the security, and that the social, economic and security demands requires a careful awareness of the illegal immigrations, noting to obligation of protection to the numbers of immigrants to Sudan.

Mutwali, has referred to the incentives provided to the expatriates by the organ such as the health insurance, and the unified fees for all the procedures, noting to the publication of the ministry of  Finance  to the Bank of Sudan for the opening of hard currency account and the police to receive fees in the hard currency, adding that  the expatriates’ cars incentive facing the fluctuation and instability of the exchange rate of the dollar, and that the incentives and solving the problem of education has been a major steps and is about to implement the education program according to the Sudanese curriculum, pointing to the incentives represented in real estate finance, savings and investments of expatriates and electronic card which will be announced when their conditions were completed .

 The general director of the Sudan’s Center for the Immigration and Development Studies, khalid al- Lord, said that the workshop comes in the framework of the centers concern with immigration importance and its role in the realization of development and security.

Two papers have been presented on the relation between terrorism and the compulsory immigration and the security and humanitarian perspective of immigration.

The workshop has recommended the importance of complementing the State's encouraging incentives for migrants in remittances, attracting savings, adopting a national migration policy, and the need for a coordinating mechanism to follow up and unify the efforts of institutions related to migration, the establishment of an emigrational observatory and the promotion of regional and international partnerships in this field.