Sudan Contributes Effectively to Maintain Arab's Unity

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Khartoum , March,7,2016 (SUNA) - Sudan is keen to enhance relations with all sister Arab countries, and calls for unification of Arab ranks, bringing gaps, and consolidating links among the Arab countries to face the challenges. Sudan has worked to promote Arab unification through their body Arab League which presents the strong and appropriate bond for all Arab countries to share their power to confront the challenges. It should be noted that Sudanese diplomacy has historically exerted tremendous efforts towards unification and support of Arab issues, by participating in all activities of the Arab League. Sudan has taken many initiatives to consolidate Arab solidarity because it has known that the Arab nation is targeted in its stability so that it calls all the Arab leaders and kings to aware and exert an efforts to work hard and collectively to prepare themselves to face the challenges. One of the major role played by Sudan in supporting Arab issues was represented in its keenness in realizing solidarity and unity among Arab countries. Sudan attitudes towards Arab issues are characterized by stabilization, clarity, defending Arab rights, avoidance of parting, and promotion of solidarity, Arab Unity and peace. Since independence in 1956, Sudan has continued to support Arab issues at all assemblies whether regional or international , and has contributed effectively in maintaining Arab unity and this was exemplified by its role in 1967 setback in unifying the Arabs. While the Khartoum Summit held in the same year succeeded in bringing the gaps between the Arab and recommended the striking three nays to continue the Arab struggle against Israel and to regain the Arab occupied lands, this was reflected in October war 1963 six years after the setback. Sudan has continued to support Arab nation issues and to call for unity, where the Middle East and Palestinian issues constituted to be a central course in the Sudan foreign policy and the associated activities within the framework of joint Arab work plan at the Arab League and its specialized organizations. Now the Arab region has passed by complicated challenges one of these challenges is what happening in Syria and Iraq, the matter needs cooperation and integration from all Arab that to unite their front in order to face these challenges especially the terrorism phenomena and how to fight it? . The terrorism distorted the Muslims reputation and their faith Sudan has called all Muslims all over the world in general and Arab countries in particular to protect the Islamic faith and always calls for peace stability, and security. From the starting point Sudan has known that there are conspiracies besetting the Arab nation so that Sudan leaves no stone unturned to work in one glove with its Arab counterparts countries for confronting these conspiracies with force and solidity , because it knows that the targeting is not intending specific country but it intends all Arab nation. We find that the Sudanese diplomacy since the Sudan's independence in 1956 and keened to normalize its relationships with the Arab countries base on exchange respect and exerted a great efforts due to create an appropriate atmosphere in Arab region aims to unify its States and put an affective stance to face the challenges which are considered as the result of the political status quo through which the Arab nation has passed .