Sudanese , Chadian Ties Indication to promising future

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Khartoum, March,9, 2016 (SUNA)-Sudan's diplomacy has played an important role to normalize its relationship with others. It followed a balance and fair soft diplomacy starting from its clear stances which calls for establishing peace, security and stability in all world's states. Sudan believes that the international relations are constituting a sole means for developing ties among nations all over the world. When it received its independence in 1956 from the British colony , began to normalize its relations with its African counterparts countries base on exchange respect. Whereas its relations with African countries witnessed a rapid development in all aspects. The Sudanese diplomacy continued its contributions and enable to communicate with Arab as well as the international community. Since its independence Sudan announce its openness on African countries because it had succeeded to normalize its relations with the African countries, and had played a big role calling the African countries which are being under the colony's umbrella, to struggle the colony domination for gaining the freedom , from that time Sudan became an effective country in African continent. The Sudanese diplomacy enabled to translate the Sudan's bilateral ties into real partnership with all African countries. In this report I want to tackle the Sudan's relationship with neighbor country Chad which has been described as an old historical relations have witnessed a vast developments in all fields, the Chadian president Idres Depy visit to Khartoum promote the communication process and encourage the two sides to continue in their exerted efforts to develop their relations for the brilliant future. The administrations of the two sister countries have known that to work together in order to enhance their political determination for creating an appropriate climate to continue their communication through exchange visits and put an end for their common challenges. Chadian government leaves no stone unturned to establish and support the security and stability in Sudan in general and in Darfur region in particular disclosing that Sudan stability means stability of Chad and instability of one of them affects the other. Both Khartoum and N'Djamena have exerted an efforts and worked hard to support bilateral relations and to cement ties of joint cooperation in all domains. Khartoum government affirmed its keenness to maintain strategic cooperation with Chad in a way that serves interests of the two countries ,Sudanese government has lauded the role being played by Chad and its leadership in booster the cooperation and make it as a model in upcoming future and pushes a head the peace process in Darfur region. Two sides were playing a crucial role particularly in establishing security and stability on consolidation of the peace process of the joint border. As we know that the Sudanese National Congress and the Chadian National Salvation Front have affirmed their keenness to cement the relations between the two peoples. The Chadian president visit to Khartoum comes in an appropriate time especially Sudan has witnessed a political movement which constitutes in national dialogue , it is a political demonstration ending peacefully with a best recommendations considered as a sole way for the Sudanese political forces encourage them to reach an effective solution for their political differences . Generally the Chadian president historic visit to Sudan also pave the way for Khartoum and N'Djamena to touch the means of developing their bilateral relations and ways to enhance it. The talks between two sides focusing on economic cooperation as well as trade exchange and how Chad to take advantage of the port Sudan. The talks also touched the files of bilateral ties and cooperation and joint status of forces between the two countries and their contribution in security the common border besides the complicated political situations in Libya and South Sudan state. Chad had played an active role in supporting Sudan's government in regional and international forums .