Sudanese -Indian Relations Witness Rapid Development

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Khartoum , March ,15, 2016 (SUNA)-- International relations are significant means in political development, and represent an active movement aims to encourage the World's States to exchange their common interests, besides this international relations call the world's governments to work together due to achieving peace and stability, and are so important means that it can play a crucial role in strengthening world's states relations with each other. International relations contributed more in building confidence and enhance bridges of communication among peoples of the world due to exchange the mutual interests and benefits in accordance of treaties which confess by the international law , and works in order to organize them in diplomatic arena which also had played a pioneer role in development of the bilateral ties which were built on exchange respect. International communication process is important in human being's life, because it has prompted and participated in development ties and pushing them a head for achieving the common goals for peoples interest and benefits. There is a huge challenge facing the international relations represent in wars and conflicts among world's countries especially border issue , which lead to tension and effect the route of the diplomatic and political relations . The political status quo faces complicated challenges whereas the result of that is the breakout of wars and destruction which are eating the infrastructure in more states especially the third world's states which were suffering and still from this dangerous phenomena , and the main cause in escalating these wars is the international covetousness which are considered a new fashion for the modern colonialism from some circles which domesticated by the tendency of an old colonialism . Sudan enabled to normalize its relations with African and Arab countries , and now has a good ties with the most of the world's States. If we touch the Sudanese -Indian relations we can say the ties between Khartoum and New Delhi is deep-rooted and are historical and old, have based on exchange respect and common interests and benefits. The two countries have exerted a huge efforts in pushing and developing bilateral ties between them, whereas the relationship between Sudan and India has promoted the confidence between them and pave the way for their ties which witness a rapid development in all various domains. Sudan keened on development its political and diplomatic ties with India because New Delhi has a historic stances in the regional and international forums and supporting Khartoum in more political and diplomatic stances whereas it leaves no stone unturned to achieving comprehensive peace in Sudan, and has encouraged the peaceful dialogue which is considered a sole way for solving the political issues peacefully instead of gun. India had contributed more and presented a great assistance to the Sudanese government and entered in investment activities and has a huge investment projects in Sudan which they contribute in developing their ties and made them strong. The two sides have exerted an efforts and affirmed the strength of the bilateral historical relations linking the friendly peoples of the two countries and now are working together through diplomatic channel in order to push their ties further in political and economic field. Sudan has a clear stances towards India when it supported to the candidature of India for a non-permanent membership in United Nations Security Council , the Sudanese stance was motivated by a real belief that India would support all the developing countries, through its outstanding record in supporting the peoples of the world in many forums such as the non-Aliened Movement. In the economic field cooperation we find that India has contributed in the investment activity , so that some Indian firms from public and private sectors are now actively striving to register their presence in Sudan, all of these companies have played a crucial role in promoting Sudanese economy , and as we know that India is one of the world's five biggest emerging economies , and the second largest exporter to Sudan after China. However, the two countries have keened and worked seriously to develop and push their ties a head and they endeavor to make them as a model, the future of their relations will open a new horizon for Khartoum and New Delhi to engage in other investment activities especially that Sudan has many economic resources for India to come and engage in agriculture , mining and other domains.