Foreign Minister Visit to Germany Opens a New Horizon

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Khartoum, March 17 , 2016 (SUNA) -The Sudanese diplomacy has played a vital role and opened channels of communication with others to creating a new horizon with European countries this indicate that Sudan keens to develop its diplomatic and political relations with all European Union member States base on exchange respect and common interests and benefits. Sudanese diplomacy spare no efforts towards establishing comprehensive peace and stability in all world states because Sudan is a country loves peace and works with an international community to restoring it and always calls for negotiations which represent the sole way for resolving political issues peacefully instead of gun . The political status quo has witnessed changes so that it affected on the international relations route and this constitutes a huge challenge for the world's nations . According to this Sudan adopted a balance diplomacy to deal with these changes because it believes that the openness with the others is very important through diplomatic communication, which represents the best way to normalize Sudan's bilateral ties with all world's states in general and Germany in particular. The Sudanese foreign minister professor Ibrahim Ahmed Ghandour visit to Germany comes with the context of the exchange visits of the officials of the two countries. The visit is so important because it comes in an appropriate time especially the Sudanese diplomacy enabled to develop the Sudan ties with Germany the visit has pave the way for the Sudanese foreign minister to discuss during his current visit to Germany with his German counterpart the bilateral relations and ways of enhancing them further. The meeting also reviewed outcome of the recent historic visit being paid to Sudan by a number of German officials . The foreign minister said that in the press statement the meeting touched a number of regional and international issues and ways of cooperation on these issues. However, the visit comes with the context of openness towards European countries , and opens a direct channels of contact with European Union and agreement over new strategy on European Union dealing with Sudan, especially on issues of migration and supporting issues of concern to Sudan top of which are debts and World Trade Organization (WOT) , membership. The diplomatic relations between Sudan and Germany grew up after Sudan gained independence in 1956, west Germany was fourth largest power recognized the independence of Sudan . Bilateral relations between the two countries have developed in all domains . However, Germany has played a positive role supporting access to the comprehensive peace agreement, which was one of the witness. Like the signing of comprehensive peace agreement and the implementation of its provisions to more the input stagnation German - Sudanese relations where in 2009 and subsequent years start a number of mutual visits between senior officials in both countries. The federal government has endeavored to contribute to the solution of various conflicts in Sudan. The goal is a peaceful, secure and sustainable development throughout the country . Germany supports the comprehensive peace agreement between North and south Sudan in the framework of European Union and the United Nations financially and politically . Germany is an important contributor to the joint peace mission of the United Nations and the African Union (UNAMID) in Darfur and sent police and soldiers to the United Nations peacekeeping mission. Germany is also supporting the mission of training and equipment for African troops contingents . In Darfur , Germany is one of the major donors of humanitarian aid. In economic field we find that economic relations between Germany and Sudan are characterized by high esteem German supplies and services . The major projects such as the expansion of the Sudanese telecommunications sector and in power plant construction and transport sectors have around the interest of German companies , in particular, participate with engineering services on behalf of the Sudanese government . Traditional Sudan's main exports to Germany mainly are cotton, gum arabic as well as small amounts of sesame seeds , nuts and leathers . The Sudanese imports from Germany mainly include machinery and equipment, as well as finished products, chemicals and foodstuffs. Sudan - Germany relations now witness remarkable progress welcoming the cooperation with Germany in diplomatic , political, economic and humanitarian fields.