Sudanese -Chinese Cooperation Reaches Distinguished Level

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Khartoum, March ,28 , 2016 (SUNA)-- Sudanese diplomacy has played a significant role in international community scope, and enables to reflect the political domestic movement that has witnessed development in the democratic field, Sudan does not isolate from African countries and not far from its Arab arena, it is an active member in international community dealing with international relations regulations which work to organize the political and diplomatic relations normalization in accordance of the common interests emerging from international relations law. Sudan had worked since its independence in 1956 to normalizing its diplomatic ties with all world's states in general and the African and Arab countries in particular, starting from international conventions with the context of the international law and international relations , who follows the political and diplomatic movement in Sudan he will find that Sudanese diplomacy contributed more in building of the communication viaducts among world's nations due to exchange the common interests, and it is still has played this significant role through clear and balanced diplomacy, because it has known that the international communication process is important in the human being's life, and also contributes in his promotion through interests and benefits. Sudan had concerned to normalize its political ties with People's Republic of China, so that relations between the two countries since the beginning were based on mutual respect of the principles of peaceful coexistence, the non-intervention in the domestic affairs of the others. Visits at the grass root levels between the People's Republic of China and Sudan started from the sport stadiums by exchanging visits among the sport teams of the two countries in 1957 following the openness of relations towards the far east which started since the convening of Bandung Conference in 1955 and the mutual recognition between the two countries in 1956. The cooperation with Beijing has reached distinguished level and is being consolidated . Khartoum and Beijing are working towards the implementation of joint projects in the field of infrastructure such as roads, railways and electricity power for the mutual interests and benefits of the peoples of the two countries. The two sides reiterated the shared desire of the respective governments to ensure the speedy implementation of the agreements reached in various fields with view to realizing enhanced economic and social ties between the two countries. They also reiterated their common objectives to solid their economic cooperation and achieve their goals which are representing in creating a real strategy in all domains particularly to promoting trade activity between the two countries. Khartoum and Beijing reaffirmed their commitment to the existing modalities and mechanism of cooperation and agreed to consider joint projects of mutual benefits to both countries. Sudan and China work to develop their cooperation to present a model for the bilateral relations in the international arena and they keen to show their desire to continue their cooperation in all different fields. There is a strong political will of the Sudanese -Chinese peoples for boosting further the bilateral relations to serve the interests of the two peoples. Relations between the two countries have witnessed a great augmenting developments in the political and economic fields. All the agreements signed will be implemented by the virtue of the determination of the two countries and their commitment to achieve the aspirations of the peoples of the two countries. Sudan has confirmed its keenness to promote the cooperation between Khartoum and Beijing for the interests of the peoples of the two countries. The Sudanese government also commented the spirit of understanding shown by the Chinese leadership in promoting the cooperation with Sudan and their concern for realizing comprehensive peace, security and stability in all parts of the Sudan in general and war effected areas in particular. Sudanese National Congress party and Chinese communist party have agreed upon holding specialized workshops, tackle the common cooperation in different fields between the two countries and friendly parties. The two parties have confirmed the promotion of the cooperation between them and exchange the experience in formation process and they are focusing on exchange visits , cooperation in training field, and building capacities of the cadres of the two parties . The two parties begin to prepare for holding the fourth session of the dialogue which will be held in Khartoum , the relations between Sudan and China have witnessed a great remarkable development in all aspects. The two parties keen to promoting their relationship in training field and also focusing on exchange a permanent visits of the social organizations, and deepening the strategic partnership through communication to enhance relationship between people of the two countries.