World Organization of Developing Glues …. And the Social responsibility towards Producers

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Khartoum, 25, 4, 2018 (SUNA) - gum-Arabic crop has international reputation, as large numbers of people use it for several purposes. It is , sticky natural Squeezer which we find after cutting twigs and trunks of two kinds of Acacia trees that grow in Sub Saharan Africa . The American economic sanction had been imposed on Sudan since 1997, but Gum- Arabic was among few goods that has been excluded from sanction. Before exporting the Sudanese Oil, Gum Arabic was the first export crop and contribute about 16% of Imports of hard currency for the country. The belt of Gum -Arabic include Fifth of total area in Sudan, according to Forests National Corporation statistics. As more than 5 million citizen are working in sector of producing. Besides, gum Arabic's revenue support the traditional farmer and provide wood energy, wood for building, equipment and furniture. In Sudan , tree of Gum Arabic was known since 6.000 year ago and participated with about 15% of the national Income while the states of Kurdfan, Darfur are the biggest contributors in production of gum Arabic in amount of 74% and then the state of Blue Nile, White Nile and Al- Gadaref. Sudan , Still ranks the First in producing and exporting Gum Arabic , amount 80% of the international consumption , While the crop of Gum Arabic trade increased and flourished in 1960s of last century in rate of 45 ton annually. Deputy chairman of World Organization of Developing Glues" ODG" Dr. Hashem Al-dkeer said " the organization "ODG" support all producers of Gum Arabic projects via the social responsibility and through accomplishing projects in fields of water, education particular in state of North kordofan . Pointed to the organization's chairman visit to Sudan nowadays. Dr. Hashem announced on the organization's chairman visit to Sudan nowadays and pointed to the common meeting between the organization and Producers & Exporters of Gum Arabic in addition to number of experts in Sudan with presence of Industry minister Mosa Karama . The Organization "ODG" include 60 company and provide Gum Arabic to all states and international companies. Besides it has great attention to support the producers especially in field of modern technology and production in maintain economy and improve conditions of workers in sector of gum Arabic belt. On his part , chairman of gum Arabic Council Dr. Taj al-sir Mustafa reviewed Sudan 's huge capacities in field of gum Arabic production and appreciated the organization's role in coordinating between the Productive states and Imported companies in addition to processes of promoting the production and conduct researches and studies. "Sudan submitted a request to adopt gum Arabic as nutritional fibers, during the International Conference for Public &Private Standards of Food Safety (Codex) Dr. Mustafa said and disclosed and pointed to the results of that in increasing of demands for the commodity and expected that an important role to the organization in exporting gum Arabic as nutritional fibers , due it is the only body of exporting more than 90% of gum Arabic Trade in the world. Aside from, number of experts express on their desire to develop production of gum Arabic, support the producers in addition to interest with social responsibility and pointed to necessity of utilizing sanctions lifting from Sudan recently to enter global Markets.