Disarming….. rebuilding of confidence and balance between the government and components of society in Sudan.

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Khartoum,2 ,5,2018-(SUNA)- Before some last few months the country witnessed active and big Processes of disarming ,strengthened confidence of citizens in the government's bodies and its capacities to impose its respect and power in saving security , stability and implementing laws in the state. The Spreading of arms was the main factor in losing balance between the government and all society's sectors campaign of collecting arms restored it again. Uncontrolled arms in peoples hands caused many problems and fatalities in Sudanese society, such as tribes conflicts, wars, killing , Looting, Robbery and displacement as natural phenomenon besides, lacking of security resulted on increase conflict on the natural resources and lands in several areas. So there are group of factors contributed largely in spreading arms among the society sectors . some of them were external reasons, as wars and conflicts in neighboring countries, what caused political unbalance in region and facilitate flooding of arms towards county , particular border states and accordingly to that appearing groups of outlaws. The campaign found many of measures and complications need to know people's reasons to get arms and also factors of breaking down the traditional relations between tribes. Observers said it is better for government to activate the process of National Dialogue , which prepared to operation of collecting arms via approved it in its obligatory recommendation, in frame of comprehensive political process to restore confidence and balance between the government and all society components because it is not of interest any tribe or group to live in continuous apprehension in addition to spend high costing for arming instead of pay it for positive economic activities and peaceful coexistence. But feeling of security should depend on confidence in the governmental bodies as central government , strong army, precise judicial system, Police and local administrations. SUNA interviewed number of experts and specialists concerning this topic. Professor of constitutional law Dr. Ahmad abo-Gargha who said " certainly treating with all society sectors without any kind of discrimination , but according to law and justice, will strengthen citizen's sureness on the state and explained that , the interest with pivotal topics including the nationalism of state's institutions and keep it away from the political allocation will support all society components to play their role towards the National issues . He noted to the necessity of get rid of fears and doubts of the people due it is vital and principal element , before beginning in the process of disarming in frame of laws". Director of Center of Future Studies the strategic expert Rabie Hassan Ahmad said" the campaign of disarming is a brave , bold and successful step and brought about good public effect in many positions in the country " adding that the decision of collecting arms was correct because stability of security is a priority on all issues and topics. As well as there was great readiness from people to deliver their arms after stability of conditions as their feeling with tranquility what assure the concept of confidence of people in each others and in the state. Results of collecting arms need continuous follow up because there are different groups in Darfur who haven't affiliation to the Armed groups . They need to find soluitions to issues of stability and new chances of economic projects to provide better life for people , particular the state own rich natural resources. General coordinator of Revoluitional Committees Movement the Parliament Mahmoud Abdeen, called all Sudanese people via different parties and groups to cooperate with the state's decision of disarming to build the state of law in which all people are equal. And asserted on the important role of social and popular leaders on its all levels to persuade their citizens and membership with the necessity of implementing decision of disarming an encouraged all political groups and Non governmental organizations to create a supportive public union and to address for offenders. Noting that the Affected groups from process of disarming such as arms dealers tried to underestimate the Order saying " there is absence to the Regular Forces and arms should keep on" . Abdeen appreciated process of collecting arms that achieved progressed stages and managed to realize progressed levels including reduce rates of armed crimes in many regions in addition to strengthen power of law and get ride of negative traditions that encourage arming Rather than resorting to justice. Importance of strengthen different Regular Forces of government and spread them in most borders lines save security because of borders conflicts and to stop infiltration of outlaws via cross- borders that caused damages to people and their properties.