Value Added and its effect on developing exports and countries economies

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Khartoum,10, 6, 2018 ,(SUNA)- The  intrinsic  relation between  the  value Added and  promoting commodity of exporting   beside  turning toward creating and innovation  could  bring billions of dollars to the country annually.

Manufacturing the row materials considers a value Added and a positive step to save resources of poor countries for best utilizing. In addition to combating Unemployment and contribute   in providing opportunities for work and economic Reforms.

 The National Agency for Securing   and Funding Exports issued in a report that Double the process of Value Added is one of more essential national axes globally and became more important in case of Developing Countries which depend for long time on monocular economy and it depends on exporting  one commodity or two  from raw materials without adding any value Added of high rate, what resulted for exclusion these countries, as its  national economies become  affected with economic crises .

 Here appears necessity of industrial process and development process in economies of developing countries particular in field of manufacturing industry which work directly to transform agricultural products to semi- or industrial products.  

The commercial sector targets to economy  of each country  and plays role in the process of exchange to  goods  and  services  or at least one of them  and  push them  to its  consuming markets. This process of exchange is the base of any kind of trade , by the time, new commercial expressions appeared and connected economically with each others such as exporting and importing

Besides ,  exporting mean , all goods  commodities and services that  send via state to  external and international markets, after reaching the stage of  surplus production. The state begins exporting its goods and commodities under group of conditions   like to be the unique country of exporting  and providing  this commodity to other   foreign markets  or produce it  in a less costs comparing with other states.  As well as it should be in a high qualified   level to keep   its capability  of production  to be ready for  demands of importing  countries.  as   Exporting plays   vital role in the national agricultural sectors in those countries.

The  commercial process need in   any country's  economy  to open doors  of markets to promote and sell its products , as it pointed to  high quality of both industrial and matches these exporting goods with the international criteria that based on quality standards and shipping  considers as bonestone of exporting.  Importing  is commercial terminology   for any goods or services come from outside  to be provide for  local market. Also, as  value  Added support to improve the company’s competitive capacity.

Developed countries continue adjustment with changes in Labor  market  to transform risks to new opportunities via continuous  structuring to industry  to both  the geographical and functional sides. Recent  companies execute  modifications in production structure  utilizing from different factors such as  fast spreading to systems of design  which supported by computer, Using Point of sale  that increase the  value Added  of the company’s product  and  thus its competitive capacity.


The  Sudanese exports need to review and  expanding  in new desirable  crops in the international trade like crops of vegetables and fruits ,                                                                                  medicinal plants and  Herbs and forestay plants and to implement agricultural techniques  to transform  macro agricultural sector  from traditional sector which characteristic with( weakness, vacillation in the product g. quality  and weak income for workers ) to  a dynamic sector  ready for  Develop via partnerships.


Besides , utilizing resources with high qualifying  to  interact strongly with the market mechanisms  and to obtain the capacities  for competing strongly in international markets what will achieve high sustainable development instate of exporting the raw material and developing the countryside through provide all components of stability to facilitate process of exporting.