Sudan's participation in Mac Fruit Show succeeded

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Khartoum, June 12 (SUNA) - The Well-known Businesswoman Samia Shabou has expressed her satisfaction over the results achieved by Sudan's participation in the Mac Fruit Exhibition held in Italy during 9-11 of last May this year.

Samia Shabou said, in a statement to SUNA, that the Sudan pavilion drew the attention of the participating parties who expressed their desire to cooperate and deal with Sudan, adding that there are Italian companies working in the field of small and medium equipment and machinery including harvesting, planting seeds, weed machines expressed their desire to visit Sudan to sign agreements, in addition to other companies that manufacture pumps and filters which are suitable for installation in greenhouses, water purification and filtering, praising the participation of Sudanese communities there and their standing with the organizers.

She said that she felt regret over the humble participation of Sudanese companies in the exhibition, saying that she invited more than fifty bodies related to agriculture, although the company organized the intensification of advertising and propaganda through social media, which has become playing a major role in the speed of delivery of information. She attributed the modest participation to the time constraint and instability due to the ministerial changes during the period of the exhibition as well as the fuel crisis and the rise in the euro exchange rate, which amounted to more than 46 Sudanese pounds at the time of the exhibition.

Samia Shabou said that two companies participated in the exhibition alongside the Ministry of Commerce, where Sudanese products such as Arabic gum, hibiscus, peanuts, dry okra, baobabs, fruit varieties, locally produced foods and fruit. She urged the government to support such kind of external, which promote Sudanese products and contributes to the introduction of Sudanese heritage and culture.

It is worth mentioning that the Mac Fruit is an exhibition of vegetables and fruits in the Italian market and the Fruit Attraction is an exhibition of vegetables and fruits in the Spanish market.