Committee to Investigate Money of North Kordofan Renaissance Project

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 Al- Obied, May 13 (SUNA) The Caretaker governor of North Kordufan state, Maj. Gen. Mohamed al- Khidir Mohamed Hamid, the commander of the 5 th Infantry Haganah, has issued a decision for the formation of a committee for the investigation of North Kordofan Renaissance Project (Na’afeer) mony to be chaired by the head of the state’s legal administration, the membership of the national auditing authority in the state and others.

The decision stated that the committee will investigate all that is raised on public about the excesses on the funds and projects of the project, pointing out that the committee will submit a detailed report on its work to the governor in a maximum period of one month from the date of its asignment. The decision has indicated the right of the committee to seek the assistance of those it deems appropriate in order to enforce its functions. The decision stated that the committee will be sworn in in order to carry out its duties.

A number the state’s citizens have welcomed the decision and considered it as one of the most important and long awaited decisions.