Al-Burhan Announces Suspension of Talks With FCF for 72 Hours

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 Khartoum, May 16 (SUNA )-Chairman of Transitional Military Council (TMC), Lt. Gen. Abdul-Fattah Al-Burhan, announced suspension of negotiations  with the coalition of Freedom and Changef Forces (FCF) for 72 hours, saying the revolution has deviated from its peacefulness following escalation on the ground during the past hours.

Lt. Gen. Al-Burhan said in a statement aired  by Sudan TV Wednesday night that the negotiations with opposition force reached consensus and witnessed reasonable logic, cessation of escalation, formation of joint committees for protecting the sit-in site  which should  be limited  to the area  before the Armed Forces  Command.


 He said that despite that the esclation of situation by Freedom and Change Forces’ issuance of escalation timetables synchronized with the negotiation and direct provocation and  insult to the Armed and Rapid Support Forces.

The statement stressed importance of avoiding provocation of the Armed Forces, the Rapid Support Forces and the security and police forces ,  indicating that these forces are operating for protecting the protesters  and  maintaining the public security.


Lt. Gen. Al-Burhan has described as unjustified acts the blocking of streets that led to traffic jam and obstruction of trains and transport of supplies to  the states , .


 He  further said that aggressive  speech  has created a state of public chaos , insecurities  and infiltration  of armed elements  into  sit-in site and arround  where  they   targeted  the armed forces   and the protesters  a matter which  voided  the revolution from its peacefulness.


 The  TMC Chair  noted  that  to prevent the country  from sliding into a state of insecurity,  the  negotiations were suspended for 72 hours until appropriate an climate is created  for  completion of the agreement, removal of barricades set up outside the sit-in area and openingthe railway line  before trains  to transport supplies to states.