2020 Forces Reject TMC-FCF Agreement

2019-05-16 14:03:00.000 | view 105 | share : |


Khartoum, May 16(SUNA)-The Coalition of 2020 Forces has announced total rejection to bilateral agreement   between the transitional military council and freedom and change forces and  accordingly the change forces will hold  the 67% of the legislative  council’ seats   while the remaining 33% will be allocated to  other forces and political parties .


The coalition, in a press release issued  Thursday and  of which SUNA obtained a copy,  rejected  the right given to FCF to form the cabinet and sharing the  sovereign council powers  with the military council , saying  the FCF behavior reflects  spirit of  exclusion , selfishness  and dictatorship that more authoritarian  than the former regime  despites of their chants of   “ freedom, peace  and justice” .


The statement affirmed the 2020 forces ’ resolve to  fight  and oppose  the agreement with all  peaceful means, demanding the TMC  to revise the agreement which they labelled  unjust.