Demands for Reform of Civil Service in Eastern Darfur

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Adieen, Mar 17 (SUNA) The governer, caretaker of Eastern Darfur state, Maj. Gen. Mauzamil Abu Bakr Mohamed Haj held meeting with administrative officers of the state, in the presence of the state’s government general secretary, the chairman of the higher council of local governance, and the secretary general of the legislative council.

The meeting has discussed means for the reform of the civil services, the empowerment of the administrative officers, and activation of their role in the process of the administrative and economic reform.

Number of the administrative officers have demanded the cancelation of the crops and live stock unified administration and to resume its affiliation to the state’s localities, besides the imposition of more control over the strategic resources to be carried by the administrative officers.

The administrative officers have also demanded, equality, the administration reconstruction, basic security, security of the main roads, the implementation of the local governance law on the localities in the coming phase.