Al-Watan Party Warns Against Anti Revolution Forces

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Khartoum May, 21 (SUNA) - Al-Watan Party warned against anti revolution forces that threatened the gains of the revolution through provoking sedition and propagating rumors.

 The party urged for recalling the spirit of the revolution and looking forward towards a better future.   

Furthermore, the party called for an environment that is dominant with freedom values, peace and justice.

The Secretary General of Al-Watan Party, Abdel-Aziz Al-Nur Al-Amin explained in a press conference held at the party’s headquarters Tuesday in Khartoum that his party called for a transitional period that leads for establishing a modern state to achieve the overall goals of the revolution, which he said was represented in building the state of law and institutions.

 He emphasized that the state of law must be built according to a democratic system which encourages freedom, justice and avails better livelihood chances for all Sudanese people.

The Secretary General has stressed that his party’s vision for solving the crisis in the country is based on merely patriotic principles.  

Al-Amin believed that the priority of the transitional stage shall focus on peace-making, halting of war, endorsement of the transitional laws and preparation for holding an inclusive constitutional conference.

The constitutional conference, he said, must lead for writing a permanent constitution and agreeing on elections law for organizing free and fair polls in a democratic atmosphere.