Organization of Disability Defiants in Sudan: Our mean issue is how to support the disabled

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Medani, May 30 (SUNA) The chairwoman of the defiant of disability organization in Sudan, masha’air moustafa indicated that their basic issue is disability, providing motor aids for the disabled, the blind and the deaf.

During her address to the disabled Ramadan breakfast at the Center of Medani Youth, yesterday, wednsday, she called on the disabled persons to to avoid politics and pay attention to the issue of disability and the disabled, and to distance themselves from narrow partisan and political affiliations.

She pointed out that their cause is aimed at providing mobility aids for the disabled, blind and the deaf, to change the concepts of society towards the disabled.

She stressed the need to uphold the rights guaranteed by the law for the disabled, and in the Constitution of Sudan, the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The chairman of the council for the persons with disabilities in al-gazera state, sufian al-ameen has praised the societal initiatives of the disability-challenged organization at the center level and its constant efforts to bring joy to the various segments of the disabled through securing the bag of fasting and the joy of Eid, praising the contributions of the Street Accidents Initiative and its support for programs of the disabled.