Ansar Al-Sunna Calls for an All-Inclusive Government

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 Khartoum, June 12 (SUNA)- The Ansar Al-Sunna Group has called on the Sudanese forces and parties to reach consensus overthe  program of interim period toward achieving  comprehensive peace throughout the country.


Member of the group’s Political Committee, Suleiman Ibrahim Hammad, called in a statement to SUNA for exclusion of nobody in formation of the coming government to avert the anti-revolutions that, he explained, woild undermine the security and destabilize the country, stressing the importance  of giving consideration to  the country’s higher interests, stability and unity.


He said that efforts shall be exerted  to prevent regional and international interventions which will oblige us to pay the price and expose us to pressures, calling for avoiding unfulfillment of agreements, negligence of people’s interests, entering the country into unjustifiable internal wars and foreign interventions that would lead to imposition of economic blockade and international isolation of our country, which he elaborated, were shortcomings of  the former regime.


Hammad  condemned incidents accompanied the sit-in dissolution which claimed lives of several sons of the country.


 The member of political committee of Ansar Al-Sunna Group indicated that through  constructive dialogue all parties can reach a political agreement  that will pull the country out of  the  current situation .