Time is Reasonable to Restructure CBOS: Expert

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Khartoum, June 24 (SUINA)-Economic Analyst and Expert Dr. Haytham Mohamed Fathi ,said it is importance for Central Bank of Sudan (CBOS) that it should adopt a tangible role in maintaining the financial stability in the country.

Dr. Fathi added that the central bank should design a reasonable financial and Monterey polices with effective mechanisms in collaboration with concern corporations.

 The economic analyst affirmed that it is timely reasonable to restructuring CBOS based on changing polices before the personalities.

Furthermore Dr.  Fathi called for encouraging commercial banks in the country to expand the credit activities, support economic growth rate, preserve baking sector deals and provide mechanisms to support implementation of financial operations.

Dr. Fathi observed that during the last two years financial and administrative corruption expanded in  the banks  as influential figures of AL Bashir’s regime contributed in weakening banking sector polices (such as export earnings, issues of dealing with Dollar and offering finance to influential figures from some commercial banks).

 He explained that the former regime focused on a limited restructuring policy such as continuous changes of leadership in bank.

 This limited restructuring makes CBOS suffers more from disability to solve problems of liquidity or imposing measures to help resolve a destabilized monetary system.