Ministry of Minerals: Mining should not be at Expense of Future Generations

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Atbara, June 25 (SUNA) The Wali (Governor) in charge of Nile River State, Maj. Gen. Abdul Al-Mahmoud Hammad, has stressed desire to identify the problems in the mining markets in cooperation with the Ministry of Minerals to remove the obstacles in this sector.
the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Minerals, Dr. Abbas Al-Sheikh, praised at the meeting of the Mining Coordination Council held in the State of the River Nile, Tuesday, the great efforts achieved by the state, especially the breakthrough in the field of fuel, pointing at the same time to the social responsibility to be provided by the companies working in the mining sector which he described as a positive action that avoid companies many problems.

He pointed out that the traditional mining should not be at the expense of human rights, the future generations, and the environment, noting that these resources should be exploited optimally by reducing the use of mercury via raising awarness by the various media organs. He pointed to the risks of using of mercury without health and safety precautions, especially if the mercury swept into rivers and waterways.
The Director of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company (control arm of the Ministry of Minerals) Mohammad Tahir revealed that the state's share of mining revenues exceeded (315) million, while the amounts allocated for social responsibility more than (120) million pounds.
He noted to the obstacles in the past six months which the mining sector has faced in the state due to the political conditions in the country, and which have its reflections on the sector.