Dr.Faisal Affirmas Concern over combating Desertification

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Khartoum, July.9 (SUNA)  - The Assistant of the President of the Republic, Dr.Faisal Hassan Ibrahim has announced support to the desertification control campaign and impeding all the obstacles impeding the work of the National Council for Combating Desertification. Dr.Faisal, addressing the celebrarion marking the World Day to ombat Desertification which is organized by the council in coordination with the Ministry of Environment, has described the combating of soil erosion as one of the major issues .

He called on scolars, researchers and the concerned circles to give due concern to the land, underlining that the conflict over the belt stretching from Djibouti to Mauritania requires the activation of cultural work in societies, adding that Sudan is part of this belt.

He lauded the local, regional and international organizations that exerted efforts to fight desertification.