Faisal Says Concern Will be Given to Anti-Desertification Projects

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 Khartoum, July 9(SUNA)-Assistant of President of the Republic, Dr Faisal Hassan Ibrahim has underlined support to Anti-Desertification Campaign  and removal of obstacles impeding  work of the National Council  for Combatting Desertification.


 This came while the Assistant of President of the Republic was addressing celebrations on World Day for Combatting Desertification organized by the National Council for Combating Desertification in collaboration with Ministry of Environment and Urban Development.


 Dr Faisal said preservation of land is a key issue and that all efforts should be directed towards it, demanding that celebration should include institutions of general and high education along with presenting briefing on importance of conservation of land through fighting desertification.


 He called scholars and researchers to concern with land through conducting thorough searches displaying importance of co-relation and protection of   land for sake of better future.


 Dr Faisal lauded all local and  international organizations which made  efforts on fighting  desertification  and  demanded them to exert more endeavors   on conservation of land, development of communities  and  combatting  desertification so   people can  benefit from  land conservation.