Major Campaign on Constitution Will be Launched, Governor

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 Khartoum, July 11(SUNA)-Governor of Khartoum State, Lt. Gen. Abdul-Rahim Mohamed Hussein unveiled that a major campaign  on enlightening public  about constitution would be launched , stressing commitment to implementation of the remaining recommendations  of the National Dialogue.


 Lt. Gen. Abdul-Rahim, who was addressing inaugural sitting of the 7th convocation of Khartoum State Legislative Council Wednesday,  said that  local assemblies have been formed  for providing more services and fostering  the decentralized government.


 He added  that the assemblies formed  from  educational councils, Zakat grassroots committees ,  cultural clubs and  civil society organizations.


 The Governor of Khartoum State  disclosed that SDG19m  would be provided  by State  for supporting agricultural and animal production projects  at rural areas.


 The Governor, meanwhile, uncovered that strict measures have been taken by state to make control over fuels.


  Lt. Gen. Abdul-Rahim commended the state police role in maintaining security, describing as strange crimes recently occurred in Khartoum State.