National Population Council Calls for welfare realization

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Khartoum, 11- July (SUNA)- The National council for Population on Wednesday celebrated the national population day occasion under the theme of family planning is a human right, providing families and parent the right to family planning and spaced brit giving.


The Secretary General of the Council, Dr. Limia Abdul-Gafar told the regular Forum of the Sudan News Agency that the Sudan National Population Policy has provided for achieving population welfare through some 13 axes, with emphasis made on provision of services and enlightenment.

Dr limia stressed that family planning is now a firm human right provided for by the country’s population policies which is the concept of practicing the preservation of the health of the mother and child. She said fertility has dropped due to education process and increase woman work


She said family planning would avert 30% mother death during delivery and that natural breast feeding is good for both mother and child while spacing in birth is beneficial to the mother

She said media plays an important role in the process of family planning and in spreading awareness among the populations.

 Dr Mohamed al Amin the Deputy Director General of The Country Population fund, has called for boosting the population planning through development programmes that would be carried out in partnership with the government and with the various institutions in support of the policies and strategies put in place and following-up the implementation of such policies and programme in the field of humanitarian development including advocacy, political support, capacity building the provision of services, and at the same time collecting and analyzing data on development policies.