Al-Mazrouei: we accomplish Sustainable Partnerships to reinforce Food security

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Translated by: Belgees Fagier

Khartoum ,12,7,2018,(SUNA)- Expanding and activating agricultural production is a vital and necessary topic in Arabic countries to meet the food  needs of  the rapid population growth.

An urgent necessity  to increase investment in agriculture field  via contribution of local and foreign partnerships investments  to promote sector of agriculture is appearing as a base to economical diversity . As there  are huge capacities  for integration and coordination between those companies  and the targeted goals from these investment and activities of agricultural  field. 

Accordance to previously mentioned goals, the. Arab Authority for Agricultural  Investment and Development “AAAI D” is keen and work actively to create strong relations  though partnership between the both private and public sector to  realize  food security , promote   the agricultural investment, open more wider prospects  of economic cooperation, and to boost connection net between AAAID, ,investors and the concerned organizations.

  AAAID Chairman,  Mr. Mohamed Bin Obaid Al-Mazrouei  headed the Authority's delegation                 participant delegation in 21th  Arabic- German economic forum which  had been hold  last month in Berlin city. German-Arabic Chamber for trade and industry organized the forum under auspice of Arab League and German ministry of Economic affaires and energy and participation of Kuwait Prime minister Sheik Jaber Al-Sabah as an   International Partner in the forum.

Some companies Partners with AAAID participated actively in the forum such as AL-rowabie Dairy Company. Emirate Modern poultry  Company ( Al- Rowda) in addition to participation of group  of  businessmen, experts, specialists and investment companies.

 In an Explanatory documentary   titled “ Consisting  Sustainable Partnerships  to  reinforce food security in Arabic World “ Al-Mazrouei, explained methods of working in his organization (AAAID) that adopted the development and investment  partnerships with private and public sectors and the partnerships with small farmers and who work in animal breeding  to boost food security in Arab region.

During the forum discussions , many participants expressed  great interest to AAAID’s activities  in development and investment fields. It was agreed  to organize  business meetings and  bilateral visits  and prepare to enter in big partnerships with AAAID  infield of development and agricultural investment.

Worth mentioned, AAAID depends in its vision on achieving food security  in Arab states, as its membership are 21 state and authorized capital reached to 336 million  Kuwaiti Dinar (1,114 million $) . A lot of agricultural investment activities are available in AAAID  including  agriculture manufacturing , animal production in addition to other  related activates.

Within AAAID’s fundamental vision that represented in enhancing  food security , the authority achieved success in improving life standards of thousand people in Arab world  via   income-generating programs and program of financing small producers, Besides, AAAID provides programs of improving  the Production Services , issues of researches, technology transferring  activities of training  targeted local societies to achieve the big  goal of  Arab Nations Prosperity through investments of proper agriculture.