China, Openness Policy

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Written by: Ismail Fadl Almola

Beijing, China, Aug. 16(SUNA) - It was raining when we  arrived in Beijing International Airport .people are calm but , energetic  and organized .They were moving in different directions using different kinds of transport including cars, buses, bicycles, subways and evening caravans .

I felt The Chinese government is in full control of the over -populated country (it's not easy to provide the basic services and commodities for 1.4 billion). 

A young female communist told me that the CCP is doing well in the big towns and the countryside explaining that the government  drives away the extreme poverty by reaching the poor Population in the remote  mountain areas and some residents re -located in new areas with comfortable houses but, some of the villagers refuse to be evacuated and stick to there home land, and the government to obliged to deliver services in there areas of origin. 

The Chines government always comes under fire for it's tightened control over foreign media and internet plattform couch as ,Facebook  , Google, Twitter, Instagram and others but, it said it dosent violate laws in the Communcation , adding that China has laws organizing news Puplication and dissmination.

In Beijing I witnessed the luxurious  hotels , expensive cars, big supermarket ,so I asked my comnist fried about the rural areas in China, Do they enjoy such type of development? he said the rual  people are rich  and the government gives due consearn over the countryside where, a number of development and serves project are being implemented. 

The Chinese have splendid experience in supporting the local communities for example the Radio stations supports TV station ,as Radio stations are profitable   ,because  ,you can listen to the radio in your car ,subway  and trains where, people stay long Time. they rarely, watch TV channels so, local community serves local community  by local community for local community.

 In Central Beijing we visited the Tax Buyers hall  ,a matter that, affirms the responsibility of the government to return the funds to the citizens in form of services .