China Affirms Information Support to Africa

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Beijing,Aug.24(SUNA)-The Deputy Director of the Chinese International Center for Foreign languages and Training, Li Hingeton has affirmed the continuations of the Chinese information support to the Africans countries through(CIPG)which works for the development of the African human resources ,capacity building and to promote the African mass media organizations. Prof.Li who was addressing the Forum of the participants on mass media seminars ,Friday ,in Regency Hotel ,in Beijing has indicated that the CIPG will provide all the experience of the Chinese mass media to the African countries to reflect the development in the continent. The Representative of Sudan delegation Participating in the Forum , Ustaz,Ismail Fadl Almula , in the out set of his speech ,has paid condolences to the African people ,specially,the Ghanians on the death of the first black African former UN Secretary General ,Koffi Anan who passed away last weak , indicating that Sudan appreciated his role in supporting peace in Darfur. Fadl Almaula has described the Sudanese Chines relations as deeply rooted and witnesses continuous development . He said Sudan is considered the main gate of China to Africa ,adding that china has contributed a lot to the established a number of infrastructures in Sudan. He called for strengthening the Sino-