Ministry of Minerals bans mining partnerships except after its consent

2018-09-09 17:50:16.000 | view 567 | share : |

Khartoum, Sept. 9 (SUNA) - The Ministry of Minerals, represented by the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company, has issued a decision banning all companies and business names that have a contractual relationship with the Ministry of Minerals from all partnership activities; complete or partial waiver of shares, connecting that with the obtaining of approval from the Ministry of Minerals in accordance with written permission. The ministry said, in a statement it issued recently, that the implementation of any partnerships or procedures for the assignment of shares without the knowledge of the ministry would lead to the cancellation of the contract or agreement directly without warning or prior notice, requiring companies to disclose any partnerships or concessions that have been concluded and not documented through the Ministry of Minerals, and that must be through an official letter to the mineral resources company in a maximum of thirty days from now. The mineral resources company attributed the reason for the disclosure to the purpose of codifying the transactions that have been completed and settled in accordance with the provisions of the regulations, agreements and contracts, threatening to take strict legal procedures when they discover partnership operations or partial or total waivers to be discovered in accordance with the reviews that will take place.