Turkey to invest 100 million dollars in oil field

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Khartoum, Sept. 9 (SUNA) - The State of Turkey has expressed its readiness to start its investments in the oil field in Sudan by allocating $ 100 million to develop the production in the 17 & 2B producing wells after completion of the technical studies to develop the current production. The Minister of Oil and Gas Engineer Azhari Abdul-Gadir Abdullah lauded the engagement of Turkey into investment in the oil and gas sector, especially areas of increasing oil production through exploration and development of fields, financing the supply of oil derivatives and the construction of Port Sudan refinery. The minister praised Turkey's interest in carrying out cooperation files between the two countries, praising the outstanding results reached by the countries through the joint talks. He expressed Sudan's readiness to start immediately after the final signing, expecting the relations of the two countries to flourish in the field of oil and gas as Sudan opens up to the world after the lifting of the US embargo and the enforcement of the cooperation agreement with the State of Southern Sudan and the rise in world oil prices. For his part, the Deputy Turkish Minister of Commerce Al-Fatih Metin said that his current visit to Sudan was to discuss the aspects of cooperation between the two countries in order to achieve several objectives and important issues, including the strengthening of relations between the two countries, pointing out that Turkey and Sudan will have a promising future, revealing that the Economic Partnership Agreement between the two countries is to be signed, particularly the agreement on cooperation in the field of oil, announcing the beginning of the Turkish investment in the field of oil at $ 100 million besides the provision of the technical support in the field of training and project development. He praised Sudan's efforts in lifting the US embargo and the resumption of relations with the South, stressing that these sincere efforts indicate the success of the Sudanese government, pledging to work towards boosting cooperation to a wider horizon in the future.