FVP Affirms Sudan Concern over Security in Eastern Africa

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 Khartoum, Sept.12 (SUNA – The First Vice - President, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh, has affirmed Sudan concern over maintining security and stability in Eastern Africa Region (EAPCCO), adding that Sudan government gives due concer to the police and exert utmost efforts to strengthen the security and to combat the organized and cross border-crimes.

Addressing the inaugural session of the EAPCCO meeting at the Friendship Hall, Wednesday, Lt. Gen. Bakri outlined that the Eest African Region faces organized cross border –crimes and terrorism which targets the security of countries throufgh the terrorist organizations.

He stressed the necessity for strengthening and development of the police bodies, pointing out that Sudan exerts utmost efforts and gives great concern to support the police forces to maintain security on the regional level in coordination with the EAPCOO and the Interpol police.

The First Vice - President said the meeting coincides the effors being exerted by the African leaders to enhance the people's life and fight ignorance and crimes, lauding EAPCCO role in boosting the regional and international security.

He explained that Sudan has signed security agreements and succeeded to bring together the dispute partis in South Sudan State to reach an agreement for ending the armed conflct in that country, referring to the significant role o Sudan to combat smuggling, human trafficking and illegal migration.