Jilin, City from the Future

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By: Ismail Fadl Almola

Khartoum, Oct.8 (SUNA) - China is concerned with being the developing economic giant, and that is true. The basic infrastructure of the country is maintained well and you notice the increasing numbers of the tourists who, finally, admitted the goodness and the cordiality of the Chinese people which was distorted by the Western media as there is no travel ban and people are friendly and cordial.

We stayed in Hampton by Hilton Hotel, in Jilin City, Where we felt no home sickness as the other Chinese cities including Beijing, where we landed, firstly, we, as Sudanese, did not feel any kind of cultural shock, because of the similarity of the two ancient civilizations in Sudan and China as the two countries shared ancient civilizations backdated to thousands of years.


In Jilin City, the second-largest city and former capital of Jilin province in northeast China, you feel the harmony between the people and the leadership. The ordinary people, the elite and  the other communities in the rural areas and up the mountains, you also get acquainted with the great role being played by the cooperative societies in implementation of the self-reliance policy which was announced by the Chinese leadership that struggles to p provide honorable life for China’s 1.4 billion population.

We visited farmer plants rice seedlings in Chaoyang where HI-TEC is used to produce rice for local consumption and export, besides the accompanied exhibition of the different rice products displayed in attractive way and ready for export to the different countries of the world. The vegetables sellers line up along way selling their fresh food products brought from the neighboring farms, a matter that , explains the low death toll in that friendly country.