NISS outgoing Director: NISS a National Institution Not Impacted by Leadership Change

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Khartoum, 15 Feb (SUNA)- The outgoing Director of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) Lt Gen Mohamed Atta, has stressed that leadership transfer to his successor, LT Gen Salah Abdallah, will not impact the institutions which will only get stronger through each new leadership. Gen Atta said change is a must in life and that NISS will survive as a national institution that is well established and strong In a ceremony marking the hand over to Gen Salah, Atta stressed that the direct and continued supervision of Field Marshal Omar Bashir, the president of the Republic, has given the institution its strength and ripen its experience and practices, and created a role play in the preservation of the homeland and protection of the national soil. Gen Atta commended the people armed forces saying they remained the rock at which all plots and sedition against the homeland are put in the buds. He further commended the unified police unit saying they remain the alert guard on the security and safety of the people and their gains. He said the hand over ceremony is not only a mere passing of the helmet of leadership but rather a race towards holding high the banner of serving the homeland that deserves continued surveillance and protection. He expressed his gratitude for the confidence placed on him by the President of the Republic during the past nine years and during which, he stressed, the president provided every possible advice and directive. The outgoing Director commended the performance of his officers and ranks saying it was thanks to their performance and unwavering efforts that the institution has been developed and has technically, materially and structurally. He further referred to the relations it has stablished with other organization regionally, continentally and globally, establishing representations in all countries that are of importance to the Sudan and its interests. He said the NISS has become a power to reckon with in its regional surrounding and a number difficult to overcome in the world security and intelligence circles He said NISS staff and leaders stood by his side and that together they were able to carry out all the difficult tasks and surmount all difficulties, threats and hurdles and crisis to which many of the countries of the region succumbed. He said thanks to them the homeland was able to overcome them and cross into this stage of stability. Gen Atta promised to remain a loyal soldier ready to respond to the homeland call in any position that would serve the Sudan and its people and that his loyalty to the leadership and faith remained unshakable He concluded by expressing his best wishes for success to his brother Lt Gen Salah Abdalla Mohamed Salih. It is to be noted that President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omar Bashir, earlier in the week issued a presidential decree appointing Gen Salah Abdalla Mohamed Salih, NISS Director General. He was sworn before the President, the Presidential Affairs Minister and Chief Justice. MA/MA