EU affirms support for animal resources’ sector

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Khartoum, Feb. 5 (SUNA) - The European Union's (EU) ambassador to Sudan, Jean-Michel Dumond, has said that EU priorities were to support animal resources, which are important to the Sudanese economy. In his address to the "Third Epidemiological Survey III" workshop on the Al-Salam Rotana Hotel, the Ambassador Dumond pointed out to the first and second surveys, which started from 2007 to 2018. He pointed out that the objectives of the third project were to support the export and trade of animal resources and increase the income of small farmers and pastoralists in the eastern and Kordofan states as well as the issues of climate changes. The EU ambassador said that the control of transboundary diseases required an institutionalized and sustainable system, coordination of inter-state efforts, signing of agreements between the European Union, IFAD, the Ministry of Animal resources and the neighboring countries, especially Ethiopia and Eritrea, to promote disease control. For his part, the Director of the Animal Resources Marketing and the Ability to Withstand Program Dr. Nadir Hamdan stressed the importance of the third epidemiological survey project to support small producers and pastoralists, which is supported by the European Union with 9 million Euros and implemented by the EADAD organization, the marketing program and the Ministry of Animal Resources, pointing out that the animal resources sector plays an important role in the economic development . Dr. Hamdan revealed that the program targeted pastoral and agricultural areas, rural women and young people to increase their income, help to open pastoral paths and facilitate group movement. He stated that the program also aimed to increase the value of marketing for pastoralists and farmers, develop their capacity, add value chains to animal resources markets and improve the livelihoods of small pastoralists and farmers.  Meanwhile, the Country Director of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Ahmad Jabir Subahi said that the workshop was considered as a gateway for fruitful cooperation between partners (EU, IFAD, Animal Resources Marketing Program, Sustainability Capacity and the Ministry), praising EU funding for this epidemiological survey of small farmers and pastoralists in the domain of development, combating poverty and challenges of climate change to ease livelihoods in rural areas.