Mahmoud informed on strategic project being implemented by ASCAD

2018-01-11 16:40:00.000 | view 1366 | share : |

Khartoum, Jan.11(SUNA)-Assistant of President of the Republic, Ibrahim Mahmoud has got acquainted with strategic project being implemented by the Arab Center for Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands(ASCAD) in collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry , which cost $10 million. ASCAD Director said in press statements following his meeting with the Assistant of the President in the Republica Palace Thursday that the project targets 100 million hectares in States of Khartoum, Nhral-Neil, Gezira, Al-Shamalia and North, South and West Kordofan States to put a roadmap for use of lands in such states regarding vegetation , water resources , animal resources , underground water and future of agriculture in the these states . He added work in the project has begun in states of Khartoum, Al-Shamalia and Khartoum. Sa/sa