Member in Freedom and Change’s Forces urges urgent economic measures

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Khartoum, May 7 (SUNA) – The member of the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change, Chairman of the Economic Committee of the Baath Party Engineer Adil Khalafallah has called for taking into consideration the agreements on oil production division in oil companies and investment contracts, stressing the need to adopt immediate solutions for the economic problems which are now facing the country   Engineer Khalafallah called for the merging of institutions and companies parallel to the ministries and accountability for the companies and institutions that the Auditor General had been complaining of not being allowed to audit them during the rule of the former regime. Khalafallah told SUNA that the Freedom and Change Forces put into their vision and priorities the fight against corruption and the recovery of money that the former regime plundered from abroad, accusing the former regime of transferring loans granted to the country to their own accounts. He stressed the need to dissolve the companies of the National Student Support Fund and its large assets and the diversion of the dormitories to the universities and the election of administration from students and administrative affairs of the universities. Engineer Khalafallah stressed the importance of setting up quick measures to support basic commodities and improving the minimum wage level for workers at 8,000 pounds, taking into consideration the fees that affect the cost of production, emphasizing the need to be revised, especially the bill of electricity and water imposed on agriculture and industry. He pointed out to the need to encourage export-oriented production to increase the national income, reiterating their adherence to a civil authority with full powers to overcome the crisis experienced by the country, referring to a proposal they have submitted to the concerned authorities, according to which the country is to be divided into eight regions.