FDFC Issues Statement on Monday’s Incidents

2019-05-14 13:46:05.000 | view 130 | share : |


 Khartoum, May 14 (SUN) -Forces of Declaration  of Freedom and Change( FDFC) Tuesday issued a statement  about violent incidents and aggressions at the sit-in area in front of the Armed Forces Command and some areas in the capital  Oon Monday evening.


 The statement said that the sit-in area before the Armed Forces Command and some areas in the capital, Khartoum, witnessed Monday violent incidents and terrible aggressions that raised concerns and required decisive response.

 The statement has strongly rejected  violent practices against civilians whatever their sources and said the five-month peaceful revolution will remain a stronghold of peace that would not be harmed by attempts of remnants  of former regime  and anti-revolution forces.


The FDFC stated that the violence occurred was a desperate attempt to abort accomplishment scored by the revolutionary forces in the negotiations  and reaching agreement about transfer of rule to a transitional civilian government according to the declaration of freedom of freedom and change.


 The statement affirmed continuation of the revolution until its goals are achieved and that the dealing with the Transitional Military Council was based on declaration of freedom and change and that endeavors of the deep state and the anti-revolution forces would not affect its position.


 It added that  the breakthrough made in negotiation over transfer of power was a victory for the peaceful revolution and that the discontent of the revolutionaries was due to the delay in responding to their demands, calling on revolutionaries  in  capital Khartoum and other states to take to streets in huge peaceful mass rallies to abort attempts of dispersing the sit-ins and peaceful protests.