FDFC Announces Reaching Agreement with TMC

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 Khartoum, May,15 (SUNA) - Member pf the Forces of  Declaration  of Freedom and Change  (FDFC), Madani Abbas said’’May Allah Gives His Marcy ‘’ to souls of the martyrs at protesters’ sit in  area and the Armed Forces personnel who all died during last Monday incidents.

He explained that this incident has proven that the anti-revolution elements do not feel happy of any progress in the ongoing negotiations set to establish the structures of the transitional period that will ultimately lead to democratic transformation throughout the country. 

Abbas announced that the Transitional Military Council (TMC) has formed a committee to investigate in the Monday incidents.

He stated that an agreement was also reached on formation of a joint committee to preventany attempts targeting any Sudanese at the sit in area.  

 The FDFC member assured in a press statement on Wednesday that an agreement was reached  with TMC on the three levels of ruling structures ( the Sovereign Council which shall be formed in a an agreement between FDFC and TMC, the Council of Ministers and the Legislative Assembly). 

Regarding the Legislative Assembly, Abbas, said that 67 percent of the council seats will be engaged by FDFC and the remaining 33 percent will go to non-signatory of Forces of Declaration of Freedom and Change.