Culture Ministry Celebrates Winner of Japan’s World Drawing Prize

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Khartoum, May 23 (SUNA) the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities has  celebrated thurdsday the 8 years old child, Saida Yassir who won the 26 th world drawin prize for the childern drawing for the year 2018 in Japan.

The undersecretary of the culture ministry, Dr. Garaham Abdul-Gaddir, the Japanese Ambassador to Sudan, Mr. Shinji Uribiashi, the secretary general of the Higher Council of Persons with Disabilities in Khartoum state, Dr. Rashid al- Tejani, the official of the National Center for the Child’s Culture, and al- Farouq Center for the Persons of Special Needs in al- Safia area.

The Japanese ambassador noted that more than 8 thousands drawing works from 76 countries have been submitted, while the winner was selected from 200 works, stressing their support and encouragement of the celebration to be part of the constellation of the artists of the Sudanese Fine Arts in the future.

The official of the file of children with special needs in the National Center for Child’s Culture said that the Sudan has participated with 40 paintings from which 8 paintings of children with special needs, and praised the victory of the child Saida Yassir, whose participation comes in the category of children with mental disabilities in the center of al- Farouq center in north Khartoum.

The secretary general of the council for the persons with disabilities has awrded the winner with an incentive and a set of school tools, lauding the role of the centers of the disabled and the center of Al-Farouk in particular.
The family of the celebrant, the child Saida Yassir, expressed pleasure at the great victory of their daughter in the world drawing competition in Japan.