Gen. Kabashi: Arman was arrested in criminal framework

2019-06-14 21:13:48.000 | view 238 | share : |

Khartoum, June 14 (SANA) - The Head of the Political Committee at the Transitional Military Council (TMC) Lieutenant-General Shamseddin Kabbashi said that the arrest of Yassir Arman was in the criminal framework, not the political, as he was sentenced to death by the judiciary, pointing out that Arman belonged to an armed movement, which did not sign peace agreement with the government. Kabashi told the press conference at the Republican Palace on Thursday evening that a sisterly and friendly country has requested us to allow Yasir Arman to come to Khartoum but asked the country to convince him not to come for not to embarrass the two parties, considering that there is a judicial sentence against him and the judicial sentences are enforceable, but he insisted on coming and worked on instigating the protesters to expand the construction of barricades. So we had to ask him to leave the country to avoid going to jail and sent him messages on that content but he refused to obey, so we were only arrested and deported him to Juba.  On the efforts of the Ethiopian mediator, Gen. Kabbashi said that the MTC was surprised by a new offer from the mediator to transfer the negotiations to Addis, explaining that they rejected that proposal, stressing, at the same time, Sudan's appreciation to the Ethiopian role in dealing with the Sudan issues. "We will meet with the mediator on Friday to work to resume negotiations within 24 hours.”